Yaqin MC-84L Amplifiers

Yaqin MC-84L Amplifiers 


Adopt outstanding improve ultra to recommend work set the circuit free while being getting linear. Grade has enlarged the circuit for SRPP ago, have made the one machine loud and wide, distorted and little frequently. Output transformer is it import audio frequency special-purpose silicon steel sheet (0.35mm) and high strength high-quality enameled wire and special to is it make craft make to wind to adopt. Machine this adopt foreign famous-brand special-purpose to Hifi grade electrolytic having polarity electric capacity and high-quality Third Ring Road money to hinder and make stereo, the main sound channel selects for use and imports the special-purpose volume electric potential device.


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[May 07, 2011]
Audio Enthusiast

Firstly This is not an every day party amp, it is a SERIOUS HI-FI AMP!
If you want serious high end Hi-Fi Amp for an affordable price, look no further THIS IS IT!
I bought this amp when YAQIN was an almost unheard of name at the time. Now you can find them Everywhere;And rightly so.
First looks: Heavy box, this is no light weight Amp. It weights in at 5kg+. The Valves come separately wrapped for protection during shipping but it is very easy to put together.
Once done It looks like a piece of Art, Shiny brass front Single input select rotary knob and Volume, and On/Off switch in the centre with blue LED to show it's on. ion the rear Basic PHONO inputs and posts for either 4 or 8 Ohm speakers. That's it nothing more to say.
With no tone controls, at first glance, it seems almost too basic for a Hi-Fi Amp but don't let that fool you!
After about 10sec of warm up, playing music for the first time is OH My God! WOW! is the only way to describe how it sounds. I have never heard music SO... clear and sweet from any Transistor amp, even one costing thousands. The sound stage is right there and uncoloured. Every single note and instrument can be heard with all the subtleties of the musical tones effortlessly delivered; it almost floats out of the speakers.
I am not a Professional Reviewer, so it is difficult to know what else to say, I just know what I like and I like This Amp above any other one I have heard.
As I said in the beginning, with only 12Watts output, This is not an Everyday Party Amp It will not fill a hall, but that said I have never needed to turned it up full. It is more than loud enough for any normal sized room.
As for me I like the way it delivers the same clear sound at low levels as it does at high levels with no tonal difference in the quality of the sound.
Now almost 6 years later, it still sounds and sweet as the day I first switched it on. And I am listening to it now as I write his Review.

It's heavy! (you could get a Hernia lifting it, or worse drop it, if you are unprepared for the weight of it)
Being a Valve amp It gets HOT! So DON'T keep it covered in a Hi-Fi cabinet; It needs airflow.

The usual phrase is "don't believe the hype" and purists will say it's an hybrid and not a true valve Amp with a Transistor for the crossover stage, but trust me, you can believe it with this one.
In my opinion, and this is from someone who owns one! For the price it is definitely worth it. Get hold of one, switch it on, and enjoy! You won't regret it.

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