Yaqin MC-10L Amplifiers


Adopt improve export load with name in charge of EL-34B make powerful rate enlarge newly. Adopt the ultra and linear work of recommending improved and put the circuit. SRPP enlarges circuit and " long end type " phase inverter. The output transformer adopts and imports the silicon steel sheet of audio frequency (0.35mm ) and high-quality enameled wire of high strength and winds the craft of making specially.

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keshav bhana   Audio Enthusiast [Jul 20, 2011]

this was a shot in the dark for me, i had read lots of really good reviews on the net, so i took a chance,and at just over three hundred dollars plus delivery (australian) i didnt have that much to lose.
untill delivery of the yaqin, i had only owned mid fi ss amps (yamaha) which i thought had great sound and even better bass. the yaqin was a real revelation, i did not know how much music i was missing until i got the yaqin fired up. it played sweet, sweet music immediatly after set up(very simple) and i have to say that this is one of the best amps i have heard, especially considering the pitance this thing cost.
if i had to say how this amp behaves, i would have to say that it has total control over what the speakers do,they stop and start instantly, doing exactly what is demanded of them,the music they produce is sweet and detailed. the bass is incredible,i hear whole bass lines i have never heard before on recordings i thought i knew well, and the mids and treble are great.this thing is so good that i am going to buy the mono blocks next. i have no hesitation in recommending this amp.

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