Xindak XA8800MNu Mini Mono Block Amplifiers Amplifiers

XA8800MNu Mini Mono Block Amplifiers

Nicely finished brushed Aluminum face plates with the rest of the amplifier in a very high quality semi-gloss black paint.

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BaldyZX-9R   AudioPhile [Oct 30, 2009]

I've owned my share of amplifiers however, never any "mono-blocks". The opportunity to audition these
Xindak XA-8800MNu Mini Mono Blocks arose and in true Audiophile fashion jumped at the chance to hear them in my system. I ran the pair of amps driven by an Audio Alchemy DLC pre-amp, with A/A's top psu the Power Station Two, wired with a pair of one meter Cardas Golden Cross interconnects. The source was my trusty Meridian 500 transport wired to my modified EAD7000 HDCD DAC via .5m length of Illuminati D-60. Finally, strapped to the mighty mini Xindaks via Cardas Golden Cross spkr cable were my Magnaplanar MG-llc panel spkrs with a set of "Maggie-Mates" passive cross-overs dropping the bass output 6db/octave at 100hz for seamless integration with my huge Dynaudio sealed subwoofers controlled by an Outlaw ICBM and driven by a heavly modified Hafler DH-500.

With a hand full of my favourite recordings from both Vinyl and CD, I positioned myself right smack dab in the middle, you know, the sweet spot and prepared to listen. Please keep in mind the Xindak mono blocks only had one week of continuous running resulting in approx, 168 hours. I know from experience most amps require 300-500 hours of burn-in to really sound their best, however, this is where I started my audition.

To get things started I put "Sheffield Drive" in the Meridian and to warm up the system and get the Maggies ready to rock selected track 13, Drum Improv by Jim Keltner. Being a one time drummer myself I love this track as it really demonstrates what a real drum-kit sounds like. With two overhead microphones 2 feet above the kit and one in front of the bass drum, nothing escapes this incredible high resolution technique of recording. The snare drum was so real and lifelike I felt, with my eyes closed, that it was right in front of me between my legs. With each and every strike, the snare's snap rose and fell with a long dose of air and hang as if the room was huge. When Jim plays his kit in this cut the impact is such that I just kept waiting for the recorded signal to saturate the tape and distort but due to Sheffield's live studio recordings there was just tons of slam and impact, and imageing that allowed for a truly deep and very wide soundstage. All I could say was WOW !!! The quickness of the Xindak allowed for Jim's out and out assault on his drum kit to be captured in an almost 3D sound effect. Each and every drum from Tom-Toms to floor Toms sounded so real and tactile that if I reached out I could lay my hands on each and every one of them. The impact felt as if they were in fact right there in front of me and the second the drumming stopped, the remaining ambient clues flooded my room transforming me to the room or studio that this particular recording was real it truly was magic. I picked this cut to get the audition hopped up and going berserk - it did not dissapoint !!!

If you've not had the chance to hear large panel spkrs. you owe yourself the treat. The MG-llc panels are close to six feet tall - when a spkr is six feet tall and is driven by amps that have current to spare and these Xindaks have it in spades the result is truly breathtaking. Cymbals on their stands are typically 50" high. A small stand mounted monitor 24" tall just has it's hands full reproducing a cymbal period, never mind the actual height in the soundstage. These mini's image like bandits in the night - close your eyes and boom, you're there ! One heck of a feet for this type of money. We must keep in mind that my Xindaks are being offered for sale for $1450 !!! and my Maggies when new (20 yrs ago), were no more than $2000. Add in the wonderful Cardas Golden Cross spkr cables used at $1100...$4550 worth of components just have no right sounding this good - so good I refer to it as my audio nirvana !.

There is a disc by a band named Yello called "Baby", this for me is a must to demonstrate micro and macro dynamics. Layers upon layers of expertly recorded music that has more twists and turns in it that it reminds me of a course for racing cars. You no sooner get the car into 5th gear and up to top speed when all the sudden a hairpin corner approaches so fast that you must be quick and nimble to stay the course. Well, Yello may be the race course however, the Xindaks are the 12 cylinder ultra light quick as a whip sports car that goes looking for this type of challenge. Trust me, you will be pulling out recordings you've long forgotten about. The XA8800MNu amps will have you planted enjoying your music like never before. Track 4 "Ocean Club" is in fact one of those numbers that will have you set up your chair, turn off the lights, make all adjustments needed (like turning off the refridgerator), and no I'm not anal...soon as all is just right hit that remote and float. The sound will envelope you as if you were in water. Every note and every instrument will find you and sure as heck floor you. If you don't just shake your head after that cut than something is truly missing in your system. With the Meridian, EAD, DLC, Xinkak and Maggies, I am without doubt in sonic heaven.

These mono blocks are priced just so the working guy can afford them, the need to shell out $5000 for an amp just makes no sense to me when you can spend far less and get so close to sonic nirvana and not have to sell the second car to afford them. The dimensions allow them to be placed one beside the other on the same shelf. They look real sharp in their minimulist design. One ON/OFF button on the front of a very nice brushed aluminum faceplate that has the long and lean amplifier behind with the rear panel populated with truly professional hardware you know by using them they'll last a life-time.

Xindak XA8800MNu Mini Mono Blocks truly a great buy new or used...mine will be available with full warranty and original boxes. God Bless !!!

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