VocoPro VP-300 PRO Amplifiers

VocoPro VP-300 PRO Amplifiers 


  • 150W + 150W RMS
  • 300W + 300W Max
  • THD: 0.05%
  • Frequency Response: 20HZ-20KHZ Signal to Noise
  • 1/4" or XLR Input
  • Ratio: Less than 100dB
  • Input Sensitivity: 1.23V
  • Dimension: W x D x H 21" X 13" X 5 1/4"


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[Sep 12, 2004]
Audio Enthusiast


power, highly recommended, handle low frequency with ease.


110 v not 230v

When I saw this model listed on this site i said to my self I have to post a review to let everybody know who don't have experience on vocopro products, that the product I'm using even though it's old model is still reliable and enhanced my music listening pleasure. Mine is not 300pro (VP-300x), I think it was the older model before this. So I assumed they got same specs. I got mine from garage sale very cheap due to defective power supply and 110 v power requirement,standard in my place is 230 v so nobody was interested.The only problem was an open line in the power transformer it took only 30 mins. of my tech friend to fix it.Used as secondary system connected to old B&K preamp avp3000, cheapy cd/dvd player and infinity bookshelf speaker. the sound was ok with a good bass punch. One time I visited an audio shop where my friend works as salesman. They have a set-up of carver a-500x power amp connected to old tannoy solid wood speakers with concentric tweeter, carver avpreamp, nad cd player, kimber spkr cable and audioquest interconnects. The sound was astonishing. Very precise low end,very clear highs, soundstage and imaging were very accurate. all instruments were clearly defined.I spent hours listening to the set-up. When I got home, I asked my self how i could improve the sound of my system,if not exactly same sound quality I heared in the showroom atleast i could hear clearly the instruments definition but without spending a cent. I started to match-up my units. B&K-avp3000 preamp, B&K-st1400 power amp, nakamichi-OMS-4 cd player, and paradigm-studio ref. 60v2 speakers, monsters sp cab., proel audio interconnect from NAK to BK-pre and some home grown interconnects. As you can see most of my equipments are old except my st60 spkrs.The sound was fuller but still too far of what I heard from carver/tannoy combo. B&K can't drive the bottom end of studio 60, the high was ok. While searching the net I accidentaly found the website of vocopro and learned this amp is not actually for critical music listening but for karaoke ,but i was surprise to know it has 150w @ 8ohms/channel, Something sparked in my mind why not bi-amp the st-60 using the vocopro to drive the LF and B&K the HF. I made a Y cable for XLR con. fr. pre to amps both with balance input. 12gauge monster sp cables for LF and double run of cat-5e for HF (I found monster stranded cable with flux center tube and time correct winding has muddied high).also homegrown power cables on BK amp & preamp. Toroidal stepdown power transformer 230v -110v for vocopro. Some DIY vibra pads CD,amps,reamp. The moment of truth has come! fired up... WOW!! I thought I brought home the sound of carver/tannoy combo. If not exactly the same, it was just few degrees less. It was a big difference from bi-wire to bi-amp. Good power output is a big factor to achieve the pleasure of listening to quality music. Better imaging and soundstage will immerse you with nusic. My sofa is shaking with vocopro like I installed tactile transducer on it. The bottom end was clearly defined. st60 being known for its accurate midrange, the singer is like standing infront of me and the band is playing at the background. I can pinpoint their exact location in the band. the vocopro gave my system its own identity and character.if compared by price ratio, the tannoy spkr is priced 3,000usd,carver amp&pre-amp on sale for 1,000usd. My system is only 1/3 of its price but the music quality i'm getting is more than its price value. Now, I spend more time listening to my music than watching movies on my other system consists of denon-avr2802 DD/DTS pro, denon-dcm280 cd player, luxman k-15 tape deck, technics vinyl player,deftech sub and xbox for dvd/game playing. If you have power hungry speakers this slim and only 8 kgs. monster will transform your system and bring out true character of your speakers. I wish, I get another one of this for bridge mode and convert it to 230 voltage. One more point to consider you should have descent gear behind it like I'm using dolby-prologic THX B&k preamp which is very good on music reproduction in passive mode (DIRECT) all notes are coming out very natural/accurate, open & fluid.also your source should have quality DAC converter, my nakamichi has dual 16 bit dac processor and cabling also influence the sound quality, every cable has its own personality that gives body and character to your music. Also if you can find gears with balanced I/O it's a big difference from very common single ended connections (it's like DAY & NIGHT). You have to experiment to suit the type of your music, but be careful and double check your connections to avoid any disaster if you don't want your beloved equipments to become a junkshop collection. Good Luck!

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