Van Alstine Fet Valve Ultra 550 Amplifiers

Van Alstine Fet Valve Ultra 550 Amplifiers 


Fet Valve Ultra 550 hybrid vacuum tube amplifier. 250 watts per channel 20 to 20 kHz at less than 0.01% THD. 17" wide, 13" deep, 7" high. Shipping weight 38 pounds. All new AVA designed black chassis with black anodized faceplate and high efficiency black anodized extruded rear mounted heat sinks with 12 high current TO-3 case power MOSFET output devices. For 2 ohm loads and up.

The Fet Valve amplifiers are our highest expression of hybrid design, blending the best of vacuum tube and solid state technologies. All of the basic design concepts are uniquely ours - sixteen patent claims have been allowed. We designed and built these lush, wonderfully transparent, and outrageously dynamic amplifiers to satisfy those who have never been satisfied with solid state alone. The sound stage is life size and the performers are real.


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[Oct 19, 2008]
Dave King


transparent and very alive sound.


Not one that I can hear.

Frank's new Transcendence 8 tube pre is perhaps the most linear and high resolution tube pre in my experience (I am 43 audiophile years old today:). So it's a tube pre that doesn't subtract anything from the music. But what it does do that no solid state pre-amp ever does is dynamic contrast in spades. Music comes alive, on appropriately mic'd recordings the performers are IN the room. Goose bump time.

Also quite notable, the bass kicks like a mule if you system goes low enough with enough power. Mid bass is tres punchy and rhythmic. You can't stop yourself from moving and groovin, and that's what hi-end audio at home is all about.

Last, frosting on the cake, the high end. Big cymbal crashes sound more realistic than I've ever heard. All the weight and energy is there along with the extension and clarity. This pre does the full dynamic spectrum in the highs from complex massive to delicate "transcendent" without ever stepping wrong.

That's the bottom line, the Transcendence 8 never looses composure, it plays any kind of music with equal aplomb. It's hard to over estimate the impact a great pre has on a playback system. This is a great pre. Good work Mr. Van Alstine!

Customer Service

Doesn't get better than this.

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