Van Alstine Fet Valve Ultra 350 Amplifier Amplifiers

Van Alstine Fet Valve Ultra 350 Amplifier Amplifiers 


The Fet Valve amplifiers are our highest expression of hybrid design, blending the best of vacuum tube and solid state technologies. All of the basic design concepts are uniquely ours - sixteen patent claims have been allowed. We designed and built these lush, wonderfully transparent, and outrageously dynamic amplifiers to satisfy those who have never been satisfied with solid state alone. The sound stage is life size and the performers are real.

Our hybrid vacuum tube design sounds so real because it lets the individual gain parts each work in optimum environments. Vacuum tubes are great at manipulating voltages - you can play with 200+ volt signals where transistors would go up in smoke and flames. So, we use vacuum tubes for all voltage manipulations. Vacuum tubes, however, cannot drive difficult loads. They have very limited output current and get in big trouble trying to drive feedback loops, stray internal capacitances, and connection cables. So, we don't let our tubes see any loads at all. They operate in an idealized mode amplifying voltages only, and do it perfectly. Power MOSFETs are super current amplifiers. They can control great gobs of current without stress, and when properly selected and used, they perform without needing external compensation, thermal tracking circuits, or VI limiting and protect circuits. So we use all power MOSFETs for current amplification duties. There simply is no roughness or compression in Fet Valve amplifiers.

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