Trafomatic Audio Trafomatic Audio Experience Elegance Amplifiers

Trafomatic Audio Trafomatic Audio Experience Elegance Amplifiers 


Trafomatic audio Experience ELEGANCE

Experience Elegance is the most powerful amplifier in the Experience series. It is constructed as push-pull using well known 6550 output tubes. Output power is 40W per channel, which is sufficient for most speakers, even those with lower than average sensitivity. This is a power amplifier, requiring preamplifier and opening endless possibilities for system configuration. Based on previous work on negative feedback, -6dB reaction has been tuned to provide sound equivalent to a good Single Ended application. Cathode feedback was used as the most musical one. Bass is well controlled, dynamic response is excellent and this amplifier belongs to the very top of its class.

Same as all previous models, well designed power supply utilizes 300VA toroidal transformer, C-L-C filter and Rubycon electrolytics. Output transformers are based on a Double-C core configuration and Mundorf film capacitors are used throughout. Adding well thought-out concept to the mix results in a recognizable high quality sound of our amplifiers.

Retro styling of Trafomatic Audio amplifiers has been extended to this model as well, which makes a perfect sonic and visual fit with Experience Line One preamplifier. An excellent starting point for full immersion in good sound. See and hear for yourself.

Output power: 2x40W
Class of operation: Push-Pull (class A)
Tubes complement:4x 6550 JJ , 4x ECC82
Inputs: Aux
Outputs: 4 i 8 oma
Input sensitivity: 2Vrms
THD %: 0.03% - 1W/1KHz, 2% - 40W/1KHz
Frequency bandwidth: 10Hz(-1dB)-85KHz( -3dB)
S/N Ratio: 82dB
Input inpedance: 100K
Power consuption: 200VA
Input voltage: 230V/50Hz (100-120-220-240V available on request)
Size: 430x290x165mm
Weight: 18kg


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[Jun 12, 2011]

I've owned Specton Musician 3 MK2 power amp, NuForce Ref9SE V3, Manley Snappers monoblocks (recent), and now the Experience Elegance 45W integrated amp from Trafomatic, up against my Snappers 100W with a Herron Audio Preamp, the Trafomatic totally slaughtered that combo which already slaughtered by Spetron and NuForce Ref9's monos!
The Trafomatic (especially fitted with EAT tube dampers), blows anything I've had before!
Tighter low end, bigger low-end, clearer top-end, linear mids and seamless transition from lows to highs, and attack like never before! That's on a pair of Analysis Epsilon full range planar speakers which are rated at 50 W minimum! The 45W Serbian amp punched WAAAAY above its proverbial belt, taking those ribbon transducers and showing them who's boss! Forget any other tube amps, this gem from Trafomatic will blow your socks off! I can't wait to pass the 400Hrs run-in mark! Already now, the amp is clean-clean-clean, and has oomph in abundance! What a foot tapping fun thing this little amp is! American amps you say, pfff! Forget it, this Serbian master piece is built like a tank and shoots like a Kalashnikov (rat-tat-tat) fast as all hell, focused yet musical, ballsy with a 3D stable image to die for! John Hammond (Rough and Tough) has never sounded so in-the-room, Pink Floyd (the Wall), unbeivable!

[Nov 11, 2008]


soundstaging champs.
beatiful design


heat..well it's class a

After reading about Bruce Swedien endorsing electrocompaniet 2-channel amplifier two decades ago in Pro audio magazine, I have always been a devout follower of Solid state amplifiers and a loyal customer of electrocompaniet.

So what happens when your ECI integrated dies?

Well, time to move on and get a new amplifier right? good.

I was looking at a new electrocompaniet amplifier ( AW100) , but after reading about the Serbian company trafomatic audio at, I started having doubts. I don't usually fall for reviews 99% of them anyways are positive anyways. My Klipsch don't need all that power given the high sensitivity of 105db. My bias against tube related gear has always been 1.the noise floor 2.Tube related cost 3. heavy load..oh my back

Judging from the pictures around the web, Trafomatic audio makes without no doubt solid products, internal wiring looks neat and clean, esetoric design and highly praised hand made transformers. after reading about the Experience 2 review at, I decided to bite. Currently the company doesn't have high powered single ended triode design , so I opted to try out their push-pull designed elegance giving me 40 class A watt..hurray! Unfortunately the unit itself is a straight amplifier , so matched it with their line one preamplifier. My !imp..I mean dealer had both in stock, so then it was time to roll.

the amplifier came with stock chine tubes, after consulting tubedepot, we opted for svetlana winged c 6550 and mullard ecc82 ( expensive!) . Packaging was extreme,and reminded me something from a military themed movie or a series, just heavy duty packaged in a big crater..wohoo!

Though i needed help from my better half getting the amp out of the box, setting up was easy and required no thinking, just straight forward plugging. Tube exchange was no hassle, just wiggle, bend and pull out..easier than light bulb.

to be honest i didn't care about the sound at first listen,but after 1 week revelations revealed! the amplifier is dead quiet as it's counterpart SS designs and it's sound is mud,no bloated artifacts, no shaved off treble response.No dullness.


The amplifier just blows away my previous amplifier by light years. No kidding.
The Trafomatic Audio elegance is a sonic masterpiece,reminding me of the solid-state virtues with a significant magical subset of tube euphoria. Bass is surprisingly tight and big , sweet nuanced mids, refined treble, and above all else an unrestrained kinetic delivery that immediately put me in touch with the music’s emotions. My previous amplifier sounded laboratory pun intended!

what about the critical midrange? well what about it. The amp combined with the Line one preamplifier, gives me the most dramatic , sweet and real midrange I've ever experienced. The midrange exhibits a lovely harmonic character that is seductive and attention grabbing. Oh my root!

Listening to "kicking televison", I can feel Jeff Tweedy's presence in my room and band is appropiately placed in front of me.

on the o'jays "love train" we couldn't stop dancing, It was all about emotions and soul.

even Coldplay....sounded warm in my system..LMAO


Soundstaging champs? yup

detailed? yup

adorable tone? yup

Clean bit not sterile? yup

seductive sound? yup

makes cd easier to listen to? yup

can it cook? nope

Can it cure cancer? nope..

the amplifier keeps on improving by time...I have reached a burn-in time of 400 hours, and things are getting better.

Let me emphasize this again..this is the best amplifier I have ever owned. Consider me a tube convert and I ain't going back. Given the price I got from my dealer, this is a Huge bargain.

You need won't regret it.

It's all about tone.

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