Sphinx Myth 3 Amplifier Amplifiers

Sphinx Myth 3 Amplifier Amplifiers 


- Power MOS-FET output stage 2x50 Watts into 8 ohm.
- Class A mode up to 5 Watts output power.
- Extremely stable, even into 2 ohm loads.
- Passive input section.
- 4 line inputs.
- Tape monitor.
- Headphone output.


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[Jan 14, 2002]
Audio Enthusiast


clarity, soundstage, musicality


speaker terminals do not match hi-end standards; may become VERY hot when listened for long time at high levels

I have bought this amp almost 2 years ago. Since then I have changed loudspeakers once, CD player twice, interconnects twice, speaker cables twice, power cords once, stands once... need more?

Highs are very detailed, but never harsh. It's bass will not move your walls; instead, is very colorful and real. Midrange is warm and true. Soundstage is the best I've ever had in my (not very well sounding) room.

Few disadvantages:

1) only 50W per channel (for me - enough, but...)
2) may become really hot; the heatsink is on top, so you cannot place ANYTHING above,
3) speaker terminals seem to be taken from $200 piece-of-junk
4) input terminals are quite delicate; there's no enough space between them (so you cannot use 1cm thick interconnects)
5) there's no pre-amp out; bi-amping is impossible
6) remote controller has too many buttons (it may also control Sphinx CD, tuner...); besides, it looks awfully cheap.
7) acrylic finish is easy to scratch


1) sound!!!
2) build quality (with exceptions mentioned above)
3) elegant look

To make long story short: go-get-one. I've heard that this unit is now discontinued. Pity.

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