Rogue Audio Titan Series Atlas Amplifiers

Rogue Audio Titan Series Atlas Amplifiers 


  • All precision components
  • Built in bias meter on amplifiers
  • Fully tested, burned in, and auditioned


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[Apr 01, 2006]
Audio Enthusiast


Musicality, music just envelops the listener
Natural, airy sound that just breathed into the room
Soundstage depth, typical strength of tubes
More musicality
Rendition of vocals, particularly China Forbes and Mariza ... outstanding
Emotion, ever heard this out of soild state?
Transparency surpassed only by PURE class A solid state gear in my experience
More musicality!


If I really pick my brain I can come up with a few:

Bass was notoriously weak and ill defined, but I suspect that 30 wpc driving a pair of Morel drivers per speaker don't quite match up ... do the math. More power would be of great benefit here.
The overall sound was definitely on the warm side.

All said and done, if I had all the money that I have already invested in my system and was ready to start again ... THIS IS THE SYSTEM I WOULD GO FOR! Sorry, do I hear any questions? yes, I can live with the bass shortcomings ... it's an easy sacrifice after what I heard in Montreal.

I have no prior experience with Rogue. At the Montreal 2006 audio show - FSI - the Atlas amp was running in conjunction with the Metis preamp off a Sim Audio Equinox cd player (solid state). The exhibitors were using Egglestonworks La Fontaine speakers with all cables provided by Kubala Sosna (Emotion).

I have never liked the Sim Audio sound, although they do make some pretty good digital sources. Lots of detail but presented in a bright and non-musical fashion. When I walked into the room and saw their cd player as the source, I was appalled. OK, now for the facts ...

This modestly priced system was just simply one of the very BEST sounding systems at the show. The musical synergy of these components was nothing short of magical and if this is the colored, euphonic sound of tubes then I will have to say goodbye to my beloved solid state YBA passion integre ... there is no comparison between the two sounds. The Rogue display made me understand at once why tubes will never die! They create music in a most beautiful way. One song and I was hooked. Never once did I wander, "Is the soundstage accurate? Is the midrange tonally correct?", instead all I could say was "Wow, how musical". I just felt like I was hit by a very potent drug once the music started. And that's how every person who wants to enjoy music should feel. Gone is all that "Look, my system can handle those woofers so well, listen to the imaging, blah blah blah", that's not enjoying the music, that's missing the point of music!

No doubt about it, the Kubala Sosna Emotion cables helped. Afterall, they retail for about the same price as all electronic components put together (Sim Audio + Rogue Audio). But the sound transcended the listener into musical nirvana and that is my goal after hearing this setup. Congratulations to the people at Rogue. You will hear from me very soon. I'm eager to hear what is higher up in the chain after this amazing introduction. So far, unbelievable value for the money!

Customer Service

I will post it as soon as I find out. In Montreal, the Rogue representative was very professional and definitely showed a working knowledge of his electronics.

Similar Products Used:

YBA passion series and Audio Refinement in my own systems.
Ayre, Krell, VTL, Classe, Accustic Arts, Bryston, Linar, Audio Aero, Atmasphere in a number of other systems .... sorry but with all due respect these brands cannot compare to the music that I heard in Montreal under show conditions ... which as we all know are far from ideal.

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