Quicksilver Audio Mid Mono Amplifiers

Mid Mono

  • Hand wired
  • Easy bias circuitry
  • 50 watts into four or eight Ohms

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KUZ   AudioPhile [Jul 29, 2014]

My my my..... I bought a pair of these for my 3rd system (reason to say that, I run much more expensive gear at home, and this review is relative to that frame if reference). I housed these inside refinished silvertone consoles from 40's, and while contemplating what speakers I would outfit the gorgous silvertone cabinets with, connected them to a pair of fostex horns (cheap), and a pair of dual cone run of the cheap mill speakers which was in the garbage bin, just to see if the chinese preamp I bought woorked with them. Played my own reference track which had tested Mark Levinsons, Audio Researchs, Sonic Frontiers, Classes, Piegas, high end Vandersteens, B&W's and the like, and I jumped when I heard the first sitar note. Then I smiled. These things sing. Good lord.... Then I connected them to the Piegas (CL-90X), and well, they appeard to fancy the grip of Mark (Levinson's) better. Then I tried B&W diamonds and the diamonds opened up like never before.

Mcgarick   Audio Enthusiast [Nov 16, 2009]


No one else reviewed these????, I must speak out...

Well, if you are considering the Quicksilver mid mono amplifiers,you my friend are on the right track to Audiophile/sonic ......................... Greatness!!!!!!!!!!

Yes,these are wonderful products indeed. Mike Sander,should have a party thrown in his honor for producing affordable,top notch, beautiful tube amps.

These mid mono amps, need really good preamps and sources and speakers to really shine,they are not a weak link!!

These tube amps take MANY different kinds of power tubes and the amps are EASY to bias.

What is not to like about that!

Want a El34 amp?....OK

Want a KT-88 power amp?.....OK

Like the 6L6 power tube?, NO problemo,you got it!!


They are just perfect..
They replaced Accuphase and Threshold Solid State amps,which were good.

BUT,not as good as Quicksilver..

and they're made in the USA, WOW!

I love that..

I use an rebuilt Accuphase C-200 and an Eastern Electric Minimax tube amp with them.
I've had the Quicksilver's for about a year,so, they're not just a latest fling,there for real friend.....

The Audio equivalent of that most Beautiful women,who has grace and charm and inner beauty and outer beauty, she casts a spell on you..you long for her.......


Highly recommend!!! Thanks Mike for making such a great amp!

SIX STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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