QSC pl 340 Amplifiers

QSC pl 340 Amplifiers 


The PowerLightâ„¢ 3 Series is designed for the most demanding live audio users, whether in touring rigs or fixed installations. The most requested features of the PowerLight 2 series have been upgraded to deliver "the ultimate analog amplifier", while the QSC Dataport ensures full compatibility with advanced digital processing and QSControl.netâ„¢. Three models range in power from 1250 watts to 4000 watts per channel at two ohms, all in two-rack space chassis that are only 15.6" (40 cm) deep and 22 lbs (10 kg).

In addition to higher power, the PowerLight 3 Series offers higher input voltage, selectable sensitivity, and easily adjusted rear panel switches with color coded LED indicators. For those users who simply want a high performance amplifier to go with their existing processor or console, the PowerLight 3 Series is an ideal choice, offering high power, excellent value, and zero signal latency. When complete integration of amplifier control, monitoring and DSP is desired, the PowerLight 3 Series is fully compatible with the QSControl.net BASISâ„¢ networked audio platform, with its comprehensive drag and drop DSP functionality. Simpler DSP requirements can be met with the DSP-4 processing module.

new 8000 watt PL380. This highly refined, all-switchmode amplifier incorporates nearly 40 years of QSC engineering experience, resetting expectations for Class D audio quality. The PL380 combines a pair of 4000 watt Class D amplifier channels with the well proven PowerLight supply, to deliver more than twice as much audio power as previous 2 rack unit PowerLight amplifiers. Reactive "back EMF" from the speaker is recycled to the power supply, and unmatched "plug-to-plug" efficiency of 85% keeps AC power needs to a minimum, while delivering more energy to the speaker.

Years of patient development have resulted in outstanding 20 Hz - 20 kHz audio performance, plus complete protection from normal hazards of the trade. Even simple features such as dependably silent, surge-free on/off switching indicate the special care taken to keep things safely under control. The most pronounced "sonic signature" of the PL380 is one of immense headroom, sailing through even the most difficult loads with no signs of stress or change of tonality.

For lower power applications, the PL325 and PL340 offer the same feature set, matched to upgraded versions of QSC's most advanced linear amplifier platform. Recent advances in power supply capacitors further improve power and low impedance performance, while continuing to offer the best available audio performance. As a result, designers have the choice of running a single type of amplifier throughout their rig, or matching amplifier performance to specific transducer types.

In keeping with normal QSC design standards, back-to-front airflow provides up to twice as much long-term average power as most competitors, without dumping hot air into the rack.


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[Nov 21, 2008]
Audio Enthusiast


Very open airy presence when at idle music level.
Lots of clean power
highs, mids, and lows are all VERY solid and have a warmth to them,( YES they do!)
nice removeable attenuators to fit a screw down faceplate for protection of kids or nosy friends.
ok for a regular 15, 20 amp home service.
when the faceplate is on the looks are quite nice.
small size, makes it easy to hide in closets and such w/ out the chance of overheating due to the internal fans.


has a fan, not very noisy, but if this is not your thing......
small-I like my amps to be beefy looking,but the power/size ratio is unbeatable

This is a professional power amplifier, the specs are as follows:

8ohm-800 watt
4ohm-1250 watts
2ohm-2000 watts(very stable)

THD is lower than .02% at FULL power and about .005 at half rated power

damping is a nice 500 at 4 ohm, so at 8 it must be at least 800-1,000.

I am driving a pair of Axiom M-80 towers with this godsend Amplifier. I must say, this blows my Rotel 1090 and my Krell ksa-250's into space. and the Rotel is rated at 780 into 4 ohm.

at first i was skeptical about using a pro power amp other than Crown, as I used 2 crown studio ref 1 at bridge mono for years, and was BLOWN away at the sheer brutality and sound of these amps. The QSC pl 340 is not as powerful but has a much better overall sound, the highs are better and the midrange is a bit heavier. but the Crown smokes it in bottom end I think, as my setup was quite diff from now and then. so unless i have them side by side i wont know. but the sound quality is just great, the bass is chest heavy, and slams you right in the sternum, as tyhe midrange just flows like a liquid guitar, the highs are very real, as GAry Moore's guitar was singing to me like I never heard it before, also heard sounds never before heard on my Krell( yes its true ), the amps NEVER sound fatigued at any time of my burn in or listening, never seen the clip limiters once, and my neighbors came over just to see what was the ruckus, and my doors and windows were closed. I also borrowed this amp to my cousin who is in college in Southern Illinois university for a party, he said his roomy had this amp running just below clipping for 13 hours straight with 4 speakers hooked up, and not once was there an interuption of the program.
The amp was returned about 2 months later, and in the same cond(small scratch on top ) than what i loaned it. and it actually sounds better than when I first listed to it. The burn in time from the beating it took at a dorm bash sure helped the sound. The bass this time around was very detailed and just direct thumps, i was amazed at the detail. The speakers were effortless in producing the massive input of watts and current. Everything just seemed to flow together, I havent beat the amp nor loaned it out as i wont do it again in the future, but safe to say I am very happy with this amp. buy one abd try it out, unless your a strict vac tube guy, then maybe this is not for you, buut if you like lots of headroom and clean power, and have spent thousands and thousands on Krell, Mcintosh, and the like, give em a try, I think youll like the sound, although not as visually stunning at Mac stuff, they do have a great sound

Customer Service

I called one of their technicions on the phone prior to buying this amp, I was on the phone with John from QSC for almost 2 hours just asking questions and such, talk anbout knowledge, this guy was an encyclopedia.

I have not had any problems yet, and I dont plan to, as many QSC amps are over 15 years old and have NEVER been serviced-thats reliability, go buy a Krell and try that, it wont happen. I bought a Krell-250 and after the first 6 months I had ro return it for repairs,.....and at a cost of about 7 times the price, I have learned my lesson, thats for sure, give these a try, I think youll be very pleased.

I seriously thought it would need repair after the college party, but it sounds better and have no problems!!

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Crown, Snell, Cerwin Vega, B&K, Axiom, Acurus(rip acd-11), Thorens, Technics, ADC, Ortofon, Rotel, Carver sunfire amplifier (awesome sound and headroom)

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