PrimaLuna DiaLogue Seven Amplifiers

PrimaLuna DiaLogue Seven Amplifiers 


  • Tube monoblock power amplifier.
  • Adaptive AutoBias circuit improves performance, lowers distortion, and eliminates the need to adjust tube bias.
  • Triode/Ultralinear switching via slim anodized aluminum remote.
  • SoftStart circuit extends component and tube life.
  • Point to point internal wiring, premium parts, and five coats of hand-rubbed finish on heavy-duty chassis.
  • Removable tube cage.
  • Unique dual-feedback topology: All the benefits of feedback, without the drawbacks.
  • New output transformers can handle even the most difficult speaker loads. A 2 Ohm tap is added in addition to the 4 and 8 Ohm.
  • Solen capacitors made in France & Philips fast recovery diodes increase definition and clarity.
  • Conservative design uses four KT88 tubes and can substitute EL-34, 6L6GC, and many others.
  • 70 watts per channel ultralinear, 40 watts per channel triode.
  • 4999/pair


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    [Nov 25, 2019]


    I sold my Nad M3 and Bryston Integrated amp. I bought the Primaluna and it was ok. Then I started to play with different tubes. OMG huge!!!! First , I replace the rectifiers with Shuguang Treasures also El34 50th anniversary. They sound was so detail and musically engaging. My first vinyl was David Crosby first solo album. The acoustic guitar and his voice where right there!! I couldnt believe a record I have had since high school sounding amazing. I also changed the 12au7 and 12ax7. Let me just say the Genelec Primaluna where good . Thats the advantage of tube equipment a few tubes and magic. Now , my turntable is a Clearaudio Champion 2 , phono Schiit Mani and an Audio-Technica 150mlx. I only listen to vinyl but I have 2 cd players which are not connceted but once in a while I would listen to sacd. The 5AR4 are not that good I change to AU4 or WE 274B. Right now I am listening to Genesis Sold by the Pound and its like so much dynamics and Phil's voice is right there and the piano full. I keeping these for a while!!! I also added the Dialogue 3 sweet combo!


    Bass not a as punchy as Nad M3 but notes are clear and balanced!

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