Musical Fidelity A308CR Amplifiers


  • New circuit: Very low distortion over a very wide bandwidth
  • High power: Realistic and wide dynamic range
  • Peak 127 Volts
  • Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz ± 0dB

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Yarvis   Audio Enthusiast [Mar 12, 2005]

You can now find this originally priced 4k amp with deep, deep discounts BRAND NEW! I bought mine brand new for $2100. That is an excellent price in my book. I believe this amp is slated to be replaced by the new A5 series due to be launched shortly. Plenty of power, nary a hint of distortion. Choke regulation for a more quiet amp. 5 year warranty, built in GREAT BRITAIN!


Packaging would have to be my main gripe with all of the MF gear. (well the heavy gear that is) My amps box looked like it was in a war. In fact the first (yes, first) amp I was given was damaged in the rear due to a major drop by either UPS or someone at the store. (I tend to believe it was the delivery man.) I didn't notice the damage until getting the beast out of the box. Luckily my dealer had another amp in stock and the swap was done quickly.

I had met several people online that told me this amp was a true marvel. At the time I owned a MF A3.2 integrated, I was very happy with the piece, I was just in the mood to upgrade to separates. I am very happy with the amp so far, It has gobs and gobs of power and there is no hint of distortion whatsoever. Before I bought this unit I was interested and heard 2 other amps, a Bryston 4bsst and a McCormack DNA-225. I found this amp much more "musical" than those two. The Mac sounded very thin and believe it or not I just did not care for the Bryston. (go figure, they have one of the best if not the best warranty in the business!) I have the amp paired with a Rogue Audio 99 tube preamp and to my ears it sounds very, very good. Highs do not roll off as some have suggested. Mid bass and bass are excellent!

Similar Products Used: MF A3.2, Marantz PM 7000.
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