Mistral Special Edition 100wpc Power Amplifier Amplifiers

Mistral Special Edition 100wpc Power Amplifier Amplifiers 


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[May 28, 2006]
Audio Enthusiast


Mid range clarity and pureness is outstanding. Detail and attack are very well defined. Imaging is clear and precise. Bass is tight and precise


No balanced connections available
Not to many retailers available

First, let me start off by saying that this amp is outstanding in every detail. I would consider myself not quite an audiophile but a high end enthusiast. I am running a full LFD Mistral set-up which includes the Mistral CD player, Mistral Preamp and the Mistral Linestage Amplifier running with Tara Labs interconnects finally ending with the Magnepan 1.6 QRs. I was concerned that this amp was not going to carry the load that these magnepans required but I was greatly surprised by this British made amp. Not only was the mid range clarity and airiness remain with the speakers but the bass was very tight. Mid range clairity paired with my magnepans still awe my friend with $15,000 two channel systems. I had a chance to purchase another Mistral Amp and now that my system is bi-amped... I am in listening bliss. I will enjoy this system for many years to come
If you get a chance to audition this amp, it will make you question the what that $5000 amp has that the Mistral does not.
If you are looking to for a very beautiful piece of equipment that the wife and guests can appreciate, I believe that this amp is one of the most pleasant out there in the market .

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