MBL 9010 Amplifiers

MBL 9010 Amplifiers 


470 Watts


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[Jan 08, 2002]
Jian Huang
Audio Enthusiast


Extremely low hramonic distortion and intermodulation distortion(0.001% at 100 watts into 4-ohms); excellent circuit time/phase response( rise time is less than 100 ns, and slew rate is 180v/us); both small and large signal frequency response is linear; very high signal to noise ratio(97dB at 1 watt, A-weighted); channel separation of greater than 115dB at 1 khz; very high damping factor(600 into 4-ohms and 1200 into 8-ohms, both at 1 khz) which implies an output impedance of about 0.006 ohms; a consistent input impedance of 10k ohms between 20 hz and 20 khz(low inductance and capacitance components)


None that current technology can address

As it stands, the MBL 9010 amplifier probably has the most balanced and optimized set of objective measurment parameters I've ever had the chance either to measure or to interpret from other reliable sources; the Halcro and the Boulder amplifiers may have even lower published distortion figures, but they are ,however, much slower in their impulse response; the Goldmunds may have very high circuit speed and vanishingly low propagation delay, they do not, however, have the low distortion figures. I could go on and on with this subject matter, but in the context of this writing, it may not prove to be a very endearing task. So here is my subjective opinion of the actual sound of this amplifier.
It is transparent, powerful, well defined and tightly controlled, palpable, extremely clear and clinically clean, extended in both extremes, fast, smooth,relaxing to listen to, musical, tonally and temporally and dynamically accurate.

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