Manley Laboratories 250 Watt Monoblock Amplifier Amplifiers

250 Watt Monoblock Amplifier

The circuit design and the selected componentry have been refined over years and years of development. Reliability that you can depend upon combined with musical accuracy and emotional authority is what these amplifiers promise and deliver. They are able to switch operation modes allowing the listener to choose between the sonically seductive qualities of triode and the more powerful tetrode configuration. To avoid a heavy power drain when the cold amplifier is first switched on, Manley conceived a soft start mode which also functions as an ever warm position allowing the amplifiers to be always warmed up for pleasurable listening. Each amplifier only consumes 30 watts of power in Ever-Warm mode.

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Joeranium   AudioPhile [May 13, 2003]

Everything, these amps give you the power, the finesse, the detail, the punch and drives all the speakers you could ever need to drive and the replacement tubes are easy to find and inexpensive, no need to find zillion dollar nos tubes !


Pushes you to have a great set up to make the most out of this wonderful amplifier

I have had this amp before, sold it and regretted it and now I am having it back again. These amplifiers have been recently been reviewed and classified Sterophile class A, they deserve it ! Manley's main business focus are not hi fi equipment strange enough, but they make wonderful equipment, I have also had the chance to own some of them. The service, which counts tremendously is quick and courteous and these people are always available to answer your email. You almost even get sometimes the impression that they are waiting for your email. These amps have a big sound. For me, hi fi has always been the ability to close your eyes and be able to reach out and touch the musicians and the true measurement for me, of an audiophile piece of equipment is to make that perception a reality and the 250 Neo Classic Mono blocks do just that. You can have triode or tetrode mode, depending if you want or need the finest performance in terms of details or the power mode if you are in search of using the huge power capabilities of these amps. The other thing about these amps are the fact, that the tubes are easy to find and replacing them does not push you to an endless search around the world, nor does it drain your bank account. They even tell you on the website that nos are not really necessary and you should beleive them...they are the experts and they know what they are doing. Just sit back and enjoy the music...and make sure that you get the best equipment to match with these Harley Davidsons as some people like to refer to them...they will give you years of satisaction and give you the right mix of emotions, no matter what kind of music you like to listen to.... Enjoy the music.....

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