Manley Laboratories 120W Monoblock Amplifier Amplifiers

Manley Laboratories 120W Monoblock Amplifier Amplifiers 


The Manley 120 Watt Monoblock employs a pair of Teslovak KT88S or the strong Russian 6550C output tubes which can be switched from TRIODE operation to ULTRA LINEAR mode. This amplifier can also be custom ordered with the original KT90. A three position feedback selector switch is provided on the front panel, low 6 dB medium 9 dB and high 12 dB.


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[Mar 12, 2004]
Audio Enthusiast


Tremendous tube midrange, solid bass, engaging presentation, very good detail, great soundstaging, allow several tube types to be used, easy access to biasing ports, look great (you can see those golden bottles),


Require a meter to bias, only 5 ohm taps for speaker matching, single ended input only, no tube cage for pets or kids

Well made, superb sounding monoblocks. These will accomdate 6550, KT88 & KT90 power tubes at two per amp. 12at7 input tube. Adjustable feedback and switchable between ultralinear (120w)and triode(60w) mode. Easy to bias tubes with ports located on the top front of the amps but a voltmeter is required. Single binding posts for speakers set at 5 ohms. Single-ended inputs only. These produce a very deep but not exceptionally wide sound stage. Instruments are clearly placed. The bass is very good to excellent. The top end is slightly rolled off but very clean but still lacks the last bit of air. The midrange is liquid and sweet easily besting every solid state amp I have owned (McCormack, Anthem, Parasound) or heard. These amps involve you in the music. Despite being slightly euphonic in warming things up they are revealing of poor recordings. Detail is excellent. I am driving B&W matrix 802's (90dB efficient) easily to 100dB levels in ultralinear. Female vocals, stringed instruments are enthralling. I find myself distracted by the music when trying to do other things and listen. These can also rock pretty well. Set them in ultralinear and turn down the feedback control and Led Zepplin never sounded so good (production values aside). I have found Philips ECG 6550 my favorite power tube so far with the Tesla KT88 coming in a close second. KT90's had superior bass but were lacking in the upper midrange and high end sounding distant and cold. These are great amps and can be a bargain used. For those considering ARC and VTL these amps and other Manley amps should certainly be considered. The 5 star value rating is for used price. Four stars for the price if new but these monoblocks are sadly discontinued.

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