Llano Design Group Trinity 300 Amplifiers

Llano Design Group Trinity 300 Amplifiers 


A vacuum tube front-end drives (24) high current Hex Fet output devices operating in pure class A giving the Trinity 300 the ability to drive any speaker system in the world with ease. The circuit uses no feedback at all. Image, depth, and control will easily rival amplifiers in the 30 thousand dollar range.


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[Dec 13, 2001]
Dennis Francis


Breathtaking realism...


Rome was not built in a day. These amps are hand built, by a mastercraftsman, and as such, patience is required after placing your order. Rest assured -- good things DO come to those who can wait.

This is one truly amazing piece of audio gear.

Like many, I was in search of the closest thing to perfection in an audio amp, without spending the crazy amounts of coin on the Levinson's and Krell's of the earth.

I suspected that an all tube design would probably fit the bill, but with the usually high maintenance, high heat, electric bills, etc. (& small children with probing fingers)... it just wasn't in the cards.

Enter Llano Design. My search through various positive "threads" on the internet, led me to research one Randy White (formally of White Audio Labs) and his remarkable "Trinity" amplifiers.

His layout and description of the Trinity seemed to possibly be, my personal "God-send" in amplifiers:

-- All single-ended "Class A" operation.
-- ZERO feedback design.
-- TWO gain stages
-- "Class A" output
-- TRIODE "front end".
-- Totally SEPERATE power supplies, the Triode front end has it's own SEPERATE POWER CORD. What that means boys and girls is that the same magical effects your PS Audio P300 does with you other front end gear can be applied to the Triode front end of the Trinity amp -- AMAZING! Also because of the low current draw, the Triode's can be "left on" so they're always warmed up & ready to party.

-- HUGE dual independant Toriodial transformers.
-- TONS of storage capacitance (100,000 uf ea. channel!!)
-- Reasonable size chassis.

And, as if this laundry list were not enough, it even gives YOU, the owner, the ability to finesse it's sound by changing the Triode input tubes (from over 23 different types, brands, etc.) Again, simply incredible.

OK, so I was convinced enough to place an order and try one. With a 30 day in home audition, I felt nothing to lose and everything to gain.

So how does it "sound"??

BASS : The most remarkable, deep, tuneful, utterly clean bass I've ever heard in my system. Like it's anchored straight down to the center of the earth.

MIDRANGE & TREBLE: Crystal clear, articulate, life-like and three dimensional. Voices have that eerie "in-the-room" presence that has startled many a guest in my room. Highs are again, as clear and extended as I've ever heard. This amp really does sound just like a Single-Ended "Triode" tube amp -- only with cajones.

SOUNDSTAGE: Wide, deep, multi-layered. Lots of "air" around each instrument and performer. Also amazing depth (especially with great recordings). As close to a holographic "virtual reality" machine as there is.

DYNAMICS & SUCH: EXPLOSIVE!! Snare rim shots sound like, well, SHOTS! The dynamic graduations from a whisper to a scream are seamless and natural. Somewhat like the "real thing" -- the event brought to your room.

What else can I say. I have heard more subtlties buried deep in my recordings, than I have ever heard before. I'm still pulling out recording after recording to get "re-aqainted" with 'em. I think that's the best way I can sum up this true work of audio art.

As further icing on the cake, Mr. Randy White of Llano is one of the true gems in the business. One of the friendliest, most knowledgeable people in the industry.

My quest for the ultimate amp (that doesn't cost as much as a used car) stops right here.

Thank you Mr. White, for bringing real LIFE back to my audio system.

Associated Eq:

Llano Trinity 300 (Ps Audio LabCable AC cord, Silver Audio "Power Burst" AC cord on Triode section).
Martin-Logan Odysseys (Sonic Horizons "Daybreak" AC cords).
Audio Aero "Capitole" 24/192 CD player (run "direct" to amp,Sonic Horizons "Skyline" AC cord)
Balanced Audio Technology P5 Phono stage (Sonic Horizons "Hurricane" AC cord).
Reference Line Preeminence 1B passive line stage
Well Tempered Labs "Classic V" Turntable
Audio-Technica ATML-170 cart.
PS Audio P300 AC re-generator (Silver Audio "Power Burst AC cord).
Analysis Plus "Silver Oval" (top) Oval 9 (bass) Bi-wire spkr cable.
Granite Audio 470 interconnect (CD to amp)
Granite Audio 470 XLR interconnect (phono to passive).
Argent "Room Lens" (3)
Quantum Power "Symphony" (2)
Shakti "Stone" (4) & "On Lines" (4)
Aurios M.I.B. (turntable)
Wheatfield HA-1 headphone amp
Sennheiser HD-600 headphones
Sanus CF6 eq. rack
& one weary-looking wife ready to do me in.

Similar Products Used:

Perreaux PMF3150, Carver Lightstar, AMC tube mono-blocks, Conrad-Johnson Evolution 2000, McCormack DNA-1, NYAL Moscode 300, Classe CA301, Innersound ESL amp.

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