Linar Audio Class A Amplifiers

Linar Audio Class A Amplifiers 


  • MosFet output transistor
  • Bridging mode
  • Incomparable sound reproduction
  • Advanced soft start circuit


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[May 03, 2007]
Fred Brown


Good sound and fairly priced.
Compares to the Big Boys, you know, Krell and similiar names. Actually, in many subtle ways, better!
Very refined and musical, with nice extention, at both ends of the frequency scale.


If properly matched, (as with any electronics) will yield good results.

This is really a nice amplifier. Don't be fooled by the 50 watt ratting, because the amp doubles its power out each time the speaker drops its resistance. Example: 8 ohms will allow 50 W, 4 ohms will yield a limit of 100 watts, & 2 ohms will yield 200 watts from the amp. Essentially the amp doubles its power when the resistance of the speaker halves.
The amp is rather dynamic, silky smooth, and reveals the subtle details in the music. The Linar is very good sounding, and sets up a nice “sound stage” presentation, when the recording allows for it. Please keep in mind that all of this is within the context of a properly set up system and room. Those of you, who refuse to realize, or do some minimal room damping, will never fully realize the full potential of any system, set up in your room. Sorry, did not mean to lecture.
I could go on about this amp, but one needs to go listen to it for them selves. I would say that it is more than fairly priced and compares to some amps that are priced much, much, higher.

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I have owned many High-End Peaces, tubes & transistor. I have listened to many systems. I have learned that synergy and room set up, play a most important role.

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