Lamm Industries, Inc. ML2.2 Amplifiers

Lamm Industries, Inc. ML2.2 Amplifiers 


  • New power transformer
  • Five filter chokes
  • Introduction of an option to turn the amp on/off remotely


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[Nov 07, 2012]
Big Dog RJ

Probably the finest Single ended design monoblocks produced to date!
They are costly brand new that is... but if you're lucky like me you may stumble upon a mint pair in an overseas location, obviously thanks to the previous owner upgrading to a ML3 series. That is pure luck indeed!

I am driving the Quad ESL 2905 reference series, partnered with a conrad johnson ACT2 preamp. Whether using turntable or CD or other digital sources, the overall sound from the Lamm's is remarkable; truly live and natural. Very very life like with tremendous impact when called for, the performance only gets better after a while and when run in you really don't want to turn the system off. Very hard to get some sleep nowadays, especailly during weekends...

The soundstage and palpability is so captivating, that it is hard to describe, you have to experience what Lamm amplifiers can do, and hence why they cost a dam lot! There is something about those SED tubes that other tube amps cannot match. I have auditioned the ML 3 signatures driving Wilson X2's and the new XLF - one word "stunning". Well I guess the price you pay for in such a system is justifiable, but only a few can afford.

The ML 3 signature series is jaw dropping and mind boggling, gets you wondering how they could posibly further improve on the ML2 series, and they have. Whether you have the series 2 or 3, you will be extremely satisfied with either model. The other Lamm series amplifiers are hybrids, more suited for difficult loads.

The only draw back these special fine musical instruments have is the following:
1. Rated at just 18 watts pure class A, will not be too comfortable driving low impedence speakers, such as big Genesis, Apogees, Magneplanars, Martin logans, Magico's etc.. The ML 2 & 3 series are more suited to 8 ohms or 6ohms for nominal impedence loads, and prefer types such as Avant Garde horns, Quad ESL's, Wilson's, and other speakers with relatively easy loads to drive. Once matched well they will simply sing their heart out like you've never heard from a fine quality system.

2. They take an aweful lot of time to set up properly as well as adequately burn in. My guess would be somewhere around 100 to 200 hours of play back, perhaps even more, depending on how your overall setup is.

3. Please remeber this final point - these are truly precision musical instruments, and not for the head banger who wants to rock the house or neighborhood. Their sound is so captivating and fullfilling that once you're hooked you cannot posibly ask for more.

4. They WILL reveal every inch of your systems' greatness or faults, therefore a word of caution - please use a top-notch preamps with Lamms. If you can afford the price, you might as well go for the matching Lamm preamp. But just the pre-power amp combination can break the bank...

Lamm preamps do not come cheap, and I am still on the look out for a carefully used one, but no one wants to part with theirs. I can certainly understand why.

To me these are the ultimate reference monoblocks one can truly have, and to enjoy them you MUST partner them with state of the art equipment. I am now proud to say that I have reached my pinacle of audio excellence, and will just sit back for a few decades and enjoy these gems for as long as I am around.

Take care folks and all the best in your search for audio excellence.
Cheers, RJ

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