Lamm Industries, Inc. M 2.1 Amplifiers

Lamm Industries, Inc. M 2.1 Amplifiers 


200W highly biased class A/Ab push-pull design with no overall feedback


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[Mar 11, 2006]


Extended treble extension, including incredible decay.
Mid-range magic that rivals full tube amplifiers.
Deep, quick, tight and extended bass response.
Soundstaging and imaging that is the best I have ever heard.


Price is a bit steep, but if bought used, is well worth the price of admission, IMHO!

Well, Tom J's review was very thorough, but I will add my thoughts about these great amps as well.

I bought my Lamm M2.1s after my friend went through half a dozen amps and finally settled on the Lamm 2.2s. The Lamms were the best amps I ever heard in his system by a long shot! (I could not afford those, (@$17K new), so I bought these, used, for less than half the price.) FYI, the sound of the M2.2s and the M2.1s are very close, with the differences being very subtle,, and hardly discernible.
These amps are very powerful, and yet have the ability to resolve the delicate nuances of the music.

The treble extension, and especially the decay, is nothing short of phenomenal.

The bass response is tight, quick and clean. Never boomy.
(I thought my Mark Levinson No. 23 amp had great bass, but the Lamm M2.1 is even better, albeit only slightly.)

The mid-range is where these amps truly shine though. The vocals are presented with a touch of that old tube mid-range magic. There is almost an "organic" sense to the music.

The soundstaging and imaging are spot on, as one might imagine from amps this good.

These amps are rated at 200 wpc, as was my Mark Levinson No. 23.
However, the Lamms seem much more powerful, which is probably due to they're being monoblocks, rather than a stereo amplifier.

The build quality appears to be top notch at least equalling, if not exceeding, my Mark Levinson amplifiers, which I always considered to be top of the heap.

I have found the last amps I ever intend to buy.
Highly recommended for anyone needing high powered amplifiers of the finest quality.

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[Sep 07, 2000]
Tom J


*Power and drive
*Huge soundstage


Requires good to excellent associated equipment and cables

After living with these amps for 3 years now (the longest I've owned any amp)I've got a pretty good feel on them.They have been mated with three different speaker systems; the B&W 801 series 3 with North Creek external crossovers, Avalon Ascents, and Avalon Eidolon's my present speakers.To start, the Lamms work very well with all these speakers. But matching the right cables will be required to get the most out of them. Synergy is importent here.The Lamms are very neutral so imbalances upstream will come through.
To start at the top, they are very extended with lots of air cymbals, bells etc., and have great decay. Very natural never etched, but if the recording is bad it will not cover it up.
To the midrange, natural, vocals have body and emotion. On good recordings there is an organic wholeness to the mids. Also transparent with execllent focus.Harmonics are also outstanding.
Down to the bass, powerful, dynamic, slam, tonality even air something you would not expect out of bass. There is also a individualism, notes don't get lost. Weight without bloat.
As far as comparisons to the M 1.1's go, I've spent some time with them and I think they sound almost identical, but the M 2.1's have more drive/power. The amps are identical except for biasing and the 2.1's have bigger transformers and caps.
As far as tweeks go, I have tried about a dozen different N.O.S tubes (6922) in them. You can really dial these amps to YOUR system. My fave is a USN amperex 6922 gold pin 1962 vintage, but in your system it may differ. The stock tubes aren't bad though, but if you want to get every last bit out of them play around with tubes. Also isolation devices and power cords can be that final point with to find the Musical holy grail. In my opinion, the Lamms offer you the best virtues of both tube and solid state! One last thing, to get the results I have, you will have to play around a little but in the end it's most rewarding. Enjoy!

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