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KSS Audio OTL Amplifiers 


60 wpc OTL tube amp/120 w monoblocks


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[Jan 29, 1999]
Carl Hammer
an Audiophile

KSS Audio is a small company headquartered in Southern California. Specialty is OTL amps.
This is my second KSS OTL amp. The first (KSS 100/100) was good, but the new 60wpc model is better in all respects. It has surprising bass, and the mids/highs are about as good as it gets. Top to bottom dynamics are excellent. Best of all, it is a musical amp. The attack on guitar on Dire Straits 'Money for Nothing' is awesome. Listening bias is toward jazz/pop. Jennifer Warnes' voice is like she is here on 'Famous Blue Raincoat'. Stages were noted for their midrange and particularly for vocals in Stereophile for years.

I am currently driving Apogee Stage speakers (w/stands) with this amp. Remember that Stages are a 3-4 ohm load, which is an area you normally don't expect an OTL amp to perform. My room is 12x22x8. The amp comes with JAN 6080WC outputs, or optionally, with Sovtek 6AS7G outputs. There are 4 per channel. Inputs are 1 6922 and 1 6AU6 per channel. The unit is self biasing. The unit is a rather plain grey powder coat chassis with no cage or faceplate. Can also be had in chrome. Options include Cardas posts and more power supply capacitance. List with no options is $3995 (to the best of my knowledge).

I have also taken this amp to home of several friends to demo on Sound Lab Pristines and Von Schweikert VR4's. In both cases, it performed well. As would be expected, the stats really come alive with the OTL amps, so much so in my estimation, that I want some to replace current speakers.

I am open to email with questions/comments.

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