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Theater Amplifier Standard

The Theater Amplifier Standard is a five-channel power amplifier boasting our latest circuit topology and a substantial power output of 200 Watts per channel into 8 Ohms (400 Watts per channel into 4 Ohms). The elegant Krellcoat exterior houses the technology developed in the Krell Full Power Balanced amplifiers including a gigantic power supply, Krell Current Mode circuitry, and balanced operation. The Theater Amplifier Standard is the reference multi-channel amplifier for systems that are used for stereo or multi-channel music and movie playback.

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dmx   Audio Enthusiast [Mar 16, 2004]

No shortage of power, does really well with longer speaker runs. Much more musical then I would have thought, highs are smooth, mids are surprisingly liquid and the bass is the signature Krell bass. Imaging is great, soundstage is wide enough. Overall it is a very involving presentation that seems to catch me by surprise quite often..


I noticed a huge benifit when I plugged it into a 20amp dedicated line with nothing else sharing the line, I dont know if this is a weakness but be warned you probably should have a dedicated line. The blue light is anoying, it would be great if I could dim it. Soundstage is slightly compressed but still pretty good given its a multichannel. I am ginving it a five only because its a great HT amp and a better then I imagined music amp but Im still getting the dedicated two channel next year.

My plan is eventually to use the TAS to drive my surrounds and next year buy a 400cx to drive my fronts. For now I am using the TAS on my fronts, center and rears, I am driving it with a Lexicon MC8B and using Sonus Faber grand piano's (soon to be cremona's) and SF surrounds. I am mainly a music guy but all music (including SACD and DVDA) presented in Logic 7 surround. The movies I watch are the standard Dad movies like Shrek, Harry Potter and once in a while Star wars or Indiana Jones.

Similar Products Used: Adcom 7605, Bryston 9b.
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