Krell FPB 700cx Amplifiers

Krell FPB 700cx Amplifiers 


  • Frequency response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz, +0 db, -3 db
  • THD: 1 kHz <0.03%
  • Input impedance: 100 ohms
  • Dimensions: 19" W × 10.3" H × 25.5" D


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[Jan 21, 2015]
Audio Enthusiast

I have this amp 1 week. I bought new from my krell distributor. I waited for nine years :) sound is better than the new Evo 302e. is more musical. fantastic amplifier

[Jun 25, 2006]


Being pared with your system, suits all musical genres.



Since there are no reviews for the 700cx, i will give it a try.
Before i go into any kind of describing, i will claim, this amplifier sounds stunning brand new straight out of it's box.
I am amazed!!!
I have heard previous FPB ( only fpb and the c series) series and owned a 600c for 3 years. I think the 600c sounded way better than the 250mc's which were to bright and had a tad hard tone to it's presentation imo. The 300c is nice too, but the 600c has even more authority and swings a soundstage and control that is something special. As you understand i was very satisfied with the 600c.
I had the 600c as a cornerstone in my system and tried quite alot alongside with this amp. Such as preamps, cdps and cables.
With some associated equiptment, the 600c could show minor flaws.
There was some very mild tendencies of grain and hard tone when running the system in CAST mode, but still it offered great bass aswell as an open and very vivid sound. Cast proved a point, and i prefered this over going for balanced IC's.
I had KPS 25sc in my system and changed to KCT and KPS 28c because they were better in.
Now, what makes the 700cx an amp to have for years?
It has brutal power and almost every speaker proves it's best with an amp of this caliber. The controlled dynamics of 700cx is nothing less than addictive.
The 700cx has the warmth and inner calm the 600c did not have.
700cx has an impact and way with bass pared with a delicate smootheness and inner warmth, a transparency and control that is almost unmatched by other manufacturers. Some say or think, big transformers (8kva), they might hum or even that the amp goes into standby mode if you have problems with voltage swings and less than 16 ampere. I have 10 ampere (240v) in my living room and it works great. You could easily play at disco levels witout a problem.
Get a separate 16 amp line for the amp and realize next level, oh yes it betters!!

The 700cx connected to KCT, in CAST mode is stunning.
CAST is now bettered and not by a margin. Everything people have heard or been told of Krell being bright, hard in tone or even grainy, forget that!
CAST mode is that good now. Forget the need of buying expensive IC's, for thousands of dollars or Euros. Cast cables are quite cheap in compairson.
For example: Nordost Valhalla does not give you the bass the CAST mode will bring you. The 700cx and KCT in CAST mode will sound so good, you will not need these expensive IC's.

If you have heard Pass Labs, Plinius, Classe, Mark Levinson, Gryphon aso you know they are all good. But i think before investing in any other brand, you must here KCT and 700cx..
Again, the openess an total freeness. If you have great speakers, they will not sound laidback or forward. Not overly warm or fat sounding, not brigt or giving an analytical chill, they will bring no grain or glare to voices. It does not just bring the big bass and explosiveness as being shot out of a canon...
The bass is refined and having such impact. This pared with such control of the dynamics, is very impressive to say the least.
Bass is firm and as deep as the recording and your speakers permits.
It's not only the impact and grip of the 700cx, the control and air that is in the bass is at another level. Most other amps will sound weak and blurry in this area.
The midrange and top end is smooth aswell as having a tremendous body and authority. Voices, pianos and violins sounds so lifelike...
I could go on forever, so i think i just stop here.

Similar Products Used:

mainly 600c
/ have had Plinius SA-102/250mk4, Classe CA-301.
Gryphon Callisto 2200, KRC-HR, Krell KPS 25sc, KCT and KPS 28c aso aso.

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