Jeff Rowland Design Group Model 7 Power Amplifier Amplifiers

Jeff Rowland Design Group Model 7 Power Amplifier Amplifiers 


- Power Bandwidth: 0.15 Hz to 175 kHz, -3 dB.
- Slew Rate: 50 volts per microsecond.
- Output Current: 50 amps peak, continuous .
- 150 amps peak, 0.1 ohm, 20 msec, 1 kHz.
- Sensitivity: 136 mV, 1 watt, 8 ohms.
- Input Impedance Selectable: 100k, 20k, 600 ohms.
- Power Requirements: 100V-240V.


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[Apr 27, 2011]

I've had the Series II incarnation and the latest version (transimpedance) for several years.

First of all:
Building quality of Rowland is a match for other highend manufacturers.
Have had the bigger Krells, Levinson's and Threshold's but fit and finish of Jeff Rowland is simply the best.

Luckily these amps do not look good only but are very powerfull, sweet and musical sounding products.
Together with the Threshold SA/1's and Levinson ML-2's I find this amp the best of the crop.

I can recommend these amps without any hesitation.

[May 03, 2009]
Audio Enthusiast

The Model 7 is unbelievably good. Unbelievably well built. It is also virtually unllftable at 50+kg each monoblock and is recommended for people who live in burglary prone neighbourhoods. No one is going to run off with them.
Yet the sound is warm, natural, delicate, insightful and musical- it sounds real. The dynamics seem unlimited and unstrained. I use valve amps generally and I can't tell any difference. No solid state signatures. The Model 7 has that clarity and tonality that makes good valve amps so enjoyable. The difference is in the power and control. And they work with any speaker load I've come across.
All round best amp ever? Possibly, but I haven't heard or more importantly lived with every other contender.
If you ever find a pair, buy them and don't tell anyone else. They are a bargain. And, as noted above, get a Coherence pre as well. Jeff Rowland excelled himself in the conception of these amps and his theory works brilliantly in practise. Imagine what the new price would be today for these behemoths.........

[Sep 11, 2008]
William Fuchs


Sonic Accuracy
Signal to noise ratio.
Awesome Power delivery
Onboard power conditioning
3d sound stage


power consumption
placement of two mono blocks
needs heavy isolation stands.

I am a former designer of amplification equipment, designed a hybrid trnsistor array back in the 1970s for IBM.
The Rowland Research Model 7 is perhaps the finest amplifier ever conceived.

It has the power capacity to play any speaker with sonic accuarcy heretofore unknown. It can be as warm and authentic as a vacuum tube amplifier and get just as hot (BTUs) too.

IT is best served with a speaker that can take advantage of its ability to deliver sufficient power for any musical passage. working best with active electrostatic speakers like Martin Logan's CLS-IIs. THese speakers demand gobs of power and will alter their impedence during the course of any musical passage. The Model 7s can deliver from 350 watts at 8 ohms to a whopping 1200watts at .2 ohms without changing any settings further with built in power conditioning you plug the Martin Logans right into the Amp's power supply.

For listening to jazz there is no better combination, the Logans and model 7s give a live sound stage with extremely accurate 3 dimenisonal imaging even in a stereo (2channel) only envirnoment.

I also recommend matching the MODEL 7s with one of Rowland's superb Coherence preamps.

I send my Model 7s and Coherence preamp back to Jeff Rowland once every four years for calibration and updating, there is a high cost of freight but Jeff usually finds something new to tweak evrytime and rarely charges for the enhancements.

the last time internal wiring was upgarded to a silver gold alloy and the sound improved dramatically.

i also recommend using the highest signal integrity cables available. Cardas usually workd very well. And in a fully balanced set-up if you can.

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