Jadis JA 30 Amplifiers

JA 30

The JA30, a pure class A 30 watt per side amplifier, is a very effective monoblock. Each tube is protected by a fuse and is self-biasing even when tubes are replaced, no adjustments are necessary. Output tubes can be either 6550s or KT88s and the amps are designed to deliver full power at 15Hz, making for extraordinary bass.

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Chris Kantarelis   AudioPhile [Oct 09, 2007]

They can reproduce the "air" of a live recording and this can be very enjoyable feeling that makes music listening at home very realistic.



After a long journey in various 8Watt single ended amplifiers based on the 300B output tube, I ended this with a pair of Jadis JA30 amplifiers. It is the only amplifier that can drive my loudspeakers properly and it is so close to the sound of the single ended amplification. My speakers are the 15 inch dual concentric Tannoys GRF Memory TW.
Excellent sound all the way.

Similar Products Used: CJ, AR, Various Audio note 300B ( Meisu, Quest ), Audion 300B Silver Night, Golden Night, Quick silver, JJ parallel single ended 300B, Various Naim, Densen ( DM10/ DM20 by the way excellent amplifiers), etc...Too many to list.
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