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[Jan 21, 2001]
Torben Andersen


The sound, of course.



Time this poweramplifier got another review :)

I bought this because I wanted a better sound than my Sony TA-VA777ES integrated amplifier could deliver. - The Sony is quite good, but something that bugs me is the "Sony sound", where the highs goes through the roof. I'm not too fond of that.
I also bought it because I knew my Sony couldn't drive more heavy speakers, without missing bass and such. I tried it on a pair of B&W Nautilus 803, which it could drive, but not at a satisfying level, for me.
Currently I'm using a pair of B&W DM604 S2 for front, which I will upgrade to a pair of B&W CDM-9NT within two weeks, and then later to a pair of B&W Nautilus 803.
Those are the reasons I bought the Holfi.

When upgrading I heard the difference instantly. The sound became a lot more warm, which was something I was looking for.
The highs got toned down and not so Sonyish.
The soundstage became more deep and open.
Details became even more evident and some new ones became audioable.
The sound became more natural and acoustic. Not so analytic.
Sound-seperation became better.

All in all, a major improvement.

Something I really noticed, was when playing fairly good recordings, you would swear that the voices are coming from my center speaker.

My version of the Holfi is the extended version, with a bigger power supply.

This is a "must try", if you're out looking for a cheap poweramplifier. - I'll probably upgrade to the NB3SE eventually, and then upgrade that until I reach the NB1SE :)

The reason I write this kinda in past tense, is that my unit is being repaired at the moment. It had been out of use for a long time, and created humming in my speakers. Can't wait for it to get back :)

The rest of my system is:

Sony SCD-777ES SACD/CD player connected to my Sony TA-VA777ES, which acts as a pre-amplifier for the fronts, which are then connected to the Holfi Power 8.
They're all connected using Argento Silver RCA-RCA cables.

[Mar 23, 2000]
Björn Andersson


Musicality, detailing, soundstage


Needs to be on standby, not as good in high-impedance input mode.

Went out to look for a new poweramp after the Sunfire had
started causing problems for me. (First the capacitors in
the powersupply exploded and then it ate my fuses regularely)

Going out looking for an alternative, I found, tried and liked the Holfi Power 8. (Preferring it over other alternatives like Classé, Acurus, Rotel and more...)

It's IHO on the warmer side, so if your other equipment
already is on the warmer side - it might be too much, though
I doubt it.
Power is no problem, my MagnaPan MG1.4 needs a lot of current, but the Holfi still sounded much more musical than
the Sunfire ever did. Actually, it's better on all.

I've also heard it (both as Power 8 and as Intergra 8) driving loudspeakers like VonSchweikert VR-8, AudioVector,
JM Labs Electra 920 & Mårten Design's Mingus. At no point I've heard any downsides from this amplifier design.

And from the WAF point of view. Those wooden fronts do look lovely.

I've had mine modified to turn off the LED when in stand-by mode, because I use to have it in my bedroom.

Last note: there is an input impedance switch (on the circuit board). Holfi recommends the 800 Ohm(!!) position
and so do I. It does add much detail/musicality, but it also
puts more demands on your pre-amp to drive it. Holfi's own pre-amps are built for it, and my Metavox didn't have any problems with it - but some might not. If you like the Power-8, and you can't drive it in low-impedance mode - consider changing pre-amp, because you'll be losing out...

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