Herron Audio M150 Power Amplifier Amplifiers

Herron Audio M150 Power Amplifier Amplifiers 


The M150 is a full complementary symmetry bipolar implementation and contains no coupling capacitors in the forward direction. It employs the latest technology in wide band output devices with enhanced low level linearity. Proper stage-to-stage impedance matching insures extraordinarily low distortion and a unique successive stage to output confluence provides a seamless combination of micro/nano-resolution from forward stages and robust controlled power and authority from successive stages. This unified current summation drive stage network eliminates the crossover notch problems common in many solid state amplifier designs. High idle current or class A bias output stage operation is not necessary! The M150 runs cool under most listening conditions and provides a live presentation with none of the hardness normally associated with solid state amplifiers. The output network of this amplifier is resonance free and remains stable even with a 1 micro-Farad capacitor connected across the output terminals. The M150 engenders the fine resolution and liquidity normally associated with tube amplification plus the power and bass control of solid state. Individual voices remain distinct and clear amidst the crescendo full orchestra and chorus. T he sound of the M150 is pure and true to the source. It has the clarity, focus in time, and natural sound inherent in all Herron Audio products.

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