GamuT Audio S300 Amplifiers

GamuT Audio S300 Amplifiers 


  • Dual mono power amplifier
  • Big power supply
  • 600 Watt in 4 Ohm
  • Higher power version of our single MOSFET


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[May 02, 2010]

I bought the Gamut S300 brand new. After the usual burning in period, I was surprised at the fluidity of the sound. It is best to use the balanced input from the preamplifier. This has got to be one of the best amplifiers of all times. Though it can be played immediately but a warming up period of 30 minutes to an hour is advised.

Gamut's philosophy is "less is more" . It only have a pair of selected MOSFET transistors per channel. Now less transistors mean better sound as less signal is degraded. Next, power reserve is overkill here. Massively hug toroidal power transformers and equally hugh capacitors. The current reserve is unthinkable. (read the specs in the web).

Now many people including audiophiles think of watts per channel, distortion levels or frequency responses. These are theoretical concepts only. Trust your ears as the music is the true test for any audiophile equipments.

There is a kernel of truth that audiophiles love their equipments as gizmo. But here it is about serious music performing gears. I am not saying the unit is not nice. It is one of the nicest amps around and there are tiny rows of small blue lights to make the looks sublime.

If you love music, look no further. I am an engineer by training and a musician by hobby. I play in some of the grandest music concert halls of the world with the most well known symphony orchestras. I cannot help to think many times that I may just have the ultimate amplifier around. Of course I have very good accompanying equipments like state of the art CD, SACD, LP players, Interconnects, preamps etc. I also have very well recorded source mediums to play with. However when this amplifier is changed or substituted by other state of the art amplifiers, there is always something missing either micro or marco dynamics, stage or definition of timbre.

Of course individual preference for different sound signatures are subjective and varies among different people. But many of my audiophiles and music friends concur with me.

The best amplifier in the world ? No such a thing exists but this amp comes close.

In 40 years of my hi fi search for the best has ended here.

In passing, during the 40 years of my hifi search for the best sound is only secondary. My lesson - the most important thing in life is choosing and then living with the best wife you can find. And .. . that is the ultimate truth.

p.s. As English is not my mother tongue, pls forgive any errors in sentence constructions.

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