Emotiva MPS-1 Amplifiers

Emotiva MPS-1 Amplifiers 


Emotiva MPS-1 Seven Channel Amplifier

  • Modular Design
  • 200 watts per channel


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    [Mar 17, 2007]
    D. West


    1. Price
    2. Convenience of all the amps in one package with easy installation.
    3. Musical sounding i.e. non fatiguing.
    4. Great appearance.
    5. Excellent company to deal with.
    6. Well constructed.
    7. Good value.


    1. Low current for inefficient speakers.
    2. Smell electronic for a few months.
    3. Heavy with all 7 amps installed.
    4. Compared to more expensive amps they sound slow and slightly muffled.
    5. Similar amps out there that sound just as good for the price.
    6. New company with short track record.

    This is an excellent amp for efficient speakers. But if your a Maggie owner or have speakers that require lots of current and intend to use this amp for a surround system you would be better to look elsewhere. They simply don't have the juice. These amps would work fine for any speaker sensitivity of 89db and above. They also have a irritating electronic smell to them for the first few months but it does fade away very, very gradually. The amp looks great and each unit fits and works beautifully into each slot. Just wish they could carry a bit more current and I would be sold. This unit is HEAVY. Place the unit where you want it first, then load in the amps. Otherwise, you'll need a chiropractor. These amps are very musical but lack some of the transparancy and speed of some of the better amps out there. They are certainly no "giant killer" but they do an admirable job for their price if coupled with the right speaker. They run extremely cool which works well in small rooms. I purchased only five out of the 7 amps this unit can hold therefore the price.

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