Electrocompaniet Ampliwire 65 Amplifiers

Electrocompaniet Ampliwire 65 Amplifiers 


75 Watt per channel Norwegian amplifier built in the mid 1980's. Electrocompaniet has a long history of building excellent sounding (albeit expensive) hi-fi equipment.


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[Apr 12, 2008]


Great sounding, well constructed, tremendous bargain on the used market


At least two decades old and will eventually need an expensive service.

As a long-term hi-fi enthusiast, I have owned many quality pieces of audio gear from myriad manufacturers over the years. Back in the mid 1990's I purchased an Electrocompaniet Amplwire II amplifier, but found it very harsh sounding and sold it not too long afterwards.

I would imagine looking back, that it probably needed some attention, even though it was working perfectly fine. Over the past year I purchased a mid 1980's Electrocompaniet Preampliwire IIa preamplifier, which has turned out be a wonderful sounding piece of gear. More recently I found a companion amplifier for the IIa which was built around the same time, sporting the red engraved lettering its front panel (as was the same with the IIa), so I snapped it up on Ebay for a mere $300.

This amplifier, the AW 65, is a beautifully made piece of hi-fi gear, which mates perfectly with my preampliwire IIA. The sound is warm and lush, like many tube amplifiers, except with better control in the bass.

I purchased these amplifiers to keep over the long haul, because I enjoy finding classic pieces of hi-fi gear whose prices have managed to avoid becoming stratospheric (at least for now). And these two pieces of quality audio fit the bill perfectly.

For roughly $600, I have amplfication that cost roughly $2800 new in the mid 1980's (about $5600 in the present day if you take into account inflation).

So for roughly $300 a piece, the AW 65 and Preamplwire IIa represent great value.

There is also something very utilitarian about their aluminum faceplates which is indicative of an understated elegance -- hand etched face plates in this day and age are only found on very expensive gear.

Overall, I look forward to using gear from time to time, and when it's not being listened to, enjoying it as an object d' art .

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Even though the Electrocompaniet AW 65 is solid state, it sounds so tube-like, that I have compared it to my tube amplification.

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