Digital Amplifier Company DAC4800A Digital Power Amplifier Amplifiers

Digital Amplifier Company DAC4800A Digital Power Amplifier Amplifiers 


The DAC4800A is a high-efficiency, high-performance (high SNR and low THD), high-power amplifier. It has two channels running from a single large toroid transformer. It drives difficult speakers with grace.

This amp puts out brute force power with amazing clarity. It takes balanced analog audio in and comes with adapters for unbalanced inputs. The outputs are half-bridge so the amp can be bridged to put out loads of raw power into a single speaker if desired. There is a 30-day warrantee.

Features and Specifications (from website):
Amazing Sound Quality --- True High-End Performance, Musical, Dynamic, Accurate
Superior low level detail
Super Low Noise and Distortion --- 114dB SNR, 1000W into 8 ohms)
Remote Standby Control (via 2.5mm DC jack)
Pushbutton Standby Control
Bullet-Proof Protection --- Thermal, Current, Auto-Recovery, etc.
Quiet ON/OFF
14.25" x 3.95" x 12.75"
30 lbs.
120VAC mains, 230VAC available upon request.


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[Mar 23, 2008]
Audio Enthusiast


Clarity, detail, impact, raw power.


"utility" looking case, unbalanced input required adapters (included), no name brand.

I took a chance and bought this with a special deal because the case was the "old style" and had some defects. The case turned out to be fine, and I didn't see any defects. This was an unknown brand for me, but Digital Amplifier Company ( has a 30 day money back guarantee. Well, I hooked it up to my system with a D/A converter driven by a cheap SONY CD player that has digital out. I used Apogee speakers originally, and I was astounded. I had been using a Krell KST amp until then, and I was worried that the DAC amp had too much power (more than 1000W total!), so I was very careful with the volume. You can't get exact replacement drivers for the Apogees anymore.

I listened to everything from classical to rock. Pink Floyd was especially revealing, and I actually heard things in the old recordings (The Wall) that I didn't notice before. The amp sounded as smooth as a tube design, but didn't have the downside of tubes, like the lack of detail. Impact was outrageous, and guitar plucks were super sharp, but never harsh. Vocals were really clean, and my Krell couldn't compete, not even close. I also listened to an Acurus amp (3-ch) that I thought sounded better in some ways than the Krell, and still the DAC amp was cleaner in every way. I swapped in some custom speakers that can take lots of power (Vifa/Seas D'Appolito configuration), and the 4800A amp make them sound better than I've ever heard them. I listened to the 4800A on a pair of Quad 988s, and they just opened up, making me close my eyes and imagine "being there". One Diana Krall recording revealed instrument images in 3D. The Quads are simply amazing, but you need a great amp to drive them right, and the DAC amp delivered.

Even at the $3600 web site price, this amp is a great buy, and I recommend it to all my friends.

Customer Service

Got to talk directly with the owner! Great price, fast shipping.

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