Denon POA-S1 Amplifiers


1400 Watts Power Amplifier

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chris moon   AudioPhile [Jul 25, 2007]

Powerful monoblocks with ample power and extended deep bass, very smooth natural sounding mids and fast articulate high end. A very "analog" sounding solid state amp without many of the negatives associated with solid state designs.


Captive power cord, 200lbs each make them very heavy and hard to move, not the most beautiful amps for the money with a bit more of an industrial look in a gold finish - some like the look, some don't - I would prefer a different appearance myself.

I purchased three of these 200lb monoblock amps in a package deal along with some Wilson Maxx, Wilson XS subs and more. Sold the Wilsons and kept the Denons after extensive side by side comparisions with many other top reference amps including ARC Ref600, Krell FPB 750Mcx, Pass Labs 600, Levinson 20.6 and more - each time I clearly preffered the sound of the big Denons which were smooth, deep and warm - and made the other amps sound lean and sterile by comparison.

Actually, when I got these amps in I did not expect to like them and was surprised each time I compared them so some other well known super amps that they kept winning - my personal bias was never with these but over time I found them to be really wonderful amps with a deep, fast articulate bass, smooth mids and detailed airy high end with lots of oooph. If you get a chance to hear them i think you will find them impressive ... I did.

Similar Products Used: I compared these Denons side by side to the following amps:
(and preferred the Denons much to my surprise)

ARC Ref600 monoblocks,
ARC Ref300 monoblocks,
Krell FPB 450Mcx monoblocks,
Krell FPB 750Mcx monoblocks,
Pass Labs 600 monoblocks,
Levinson 20.6 reference monoblocks,
Levinson 336 stereo,
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