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ALN   an Audiophile [Aug 09, 1999]

The Denon POA-3200 is a fine amplifier. I use this amplifier in a system with de Denon PRA-S10 pre-amplifier, a Sony CDP X339 ES compact disc player, B&W P6 speakers, Monster M75 speaker cable and Monster M550i interlinks.
The system is quite to my liking. It sounds rich, smooth, powerful and reasonably controled. Bass could be tihgter though. Vocals and violins are reproduced superbly and soundstage and depth are great.
The power amplifier produces a sophisticated and rich sound, which is not to warm (like some class-A amplifiers I listed to before buying my POA-3200). The sound of the B&W P6 speakers (over time I have discovered that they are a little wooly in the bass-section) is reasonably controled. As I said, bass could be tighter. The POA-3200 luckily does not sound overly bright. Treble and midband are very detailed and dripping with atmosphere.
The POA-3200 (or the PRA-S10, I can't really tell) do suffer from interference when placed in the direct area of another hifi-component. I had to increase the distance between the pre-amp and the power-amp to about 30 centimeters for the best result.
The POA-3200 is really beautifully built and looks abolutely gorgious. It's a pity though, that the speaker connectors are not really suited for my Monster M75 speaker cable. The openings are just not big enough.
The power-amp sounds very musical indeed, providing a detailed and wide soundstage and really great vocals.
This power-amplifier delivers a stunning 200 watts (4 Ohms). If you like to play loud without having any trouble with powercompression or distortion, this amplifier should be on your playing list, especially if you like the sound of speakers like the B&W P6.
I have had this set of components for about two years now, and I appreciate the sound more each day.
One last advise: use resonance-absorbing pucs under each component for the best results, under your P6's as well as under all other equipment. If you listened to your system without and start using these pucs, you won't believe your ears!

This system and the power-amp deserve to be heard! Five stars!

Werner Ogiers   an Audiophile [Jan 14, 1997]

This $1500 golden beast is a true dual mono power amp,this meaning that all circuits are double, including the
power transformers. Power rating is (if I remember correclty)
150W into 8 Ohms, and 250W into 4 Ohms: quite decent,
and it makes us expect a good speaker load tolerance.

The POA-3200 was used in a system with as sources a
Michell GyroDec turntable ($3000), modified Marantz CD-52SE
CD ($600), Sony DTC-690 DAT, Denon PRA-S10 preamp ($1500),
Magnepan SMGb speakers ($1700 here) and Quad ESL electrostatic
speakers (equivalent $4000 now).

The overall sound character is bening and soft, easy on the
ear and never distorting, and this regardless of the
playback level. Indeed, the Denon set could hammer the
insensitive/low-impedance Maggies without any audible
distress. Differences between CD-players were easily heard,
although treble is softened clearly. Using the Maggies
and the Quads, it emerged that dynamics and bass are
a bit below par, sounded slow, soft and less than

If you want a smoothy, fine. If you want musical adventure
and tension, forget it...

Scott A. Wright   Audiophile [Mar 12, 2000]

Strongly organized inputs/outputs layout, ability to act as a pre-amp if upgrading to a power amp system later on. An icon based on tv display!!


remote control is light on extra features/capabilities

System specs:
Toshiba CF36H50 36" TV
Sony DVP-S7700 Reference Player
Denon AVR-3200 Digital Receiver
Paradigm Studio 100 Reference Series Speakers
Paradigm Studio CC Reference Series Centre
Paradigm Studio 20 Reference Series Rear Speakers
Monster S-Video Cable
MIT Speaker wire

What can I say but, I love this amp!!
What really sold me was the fact I can use it to pre-amp a power amplifier later on.
I found the sound a little less crisp than the Rotel RSX-965, but found the AVR-3200 to handle louder/bassier sounds and output to a subwoofer a lot better. Since I listen to Industrial music, I found the Denon a lot more suited to my needs.
This isn't to say it doesn't handle crisp sounds porly, I found the Rotel a little to crisp.
I would recommend this amp to anyone looking for an amp under the $1500 dollar range, who is looking for an amp that can handle heavy bass, or a lot of heavy sounds in action movies.

Similar Products Used: Rotel RSX-965
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