Crown CTS600 Amplifiers

Crown CTS600 Amplifiers 


  • Flexibility and value for installed sound applications
  • Independent selection of high- and low-impedance
  • Power levels


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[Mar 30, 2011]
Audio Enthusiast

First of all the MSRP for this is $1200. I paid $475 CAD for it used and I think that it was the best bargain I've ever had in audio.

I"ve owned all sorts of amps; Crown, Stax, Marantz, Rotel, Belles, Conrad Johnson, Dynaco, Haffler, NAD, Parasound and this beats them all except maybe for the Stax DA80Ms that I currently own. Although this never runs out of power like the Stax have when I used them full frequency.

I has the deepest tightest bass I've ever experienced and never gets warm although currently I use it to power my Morrison subs and it gets a good workout turning the fan on all the time. Still, I've yet to hear it run out of breath. The fan is of high quality and you can never hear it when it is on unless you get right up close to the unit.

The damping factor as you can see from the specs is amazing and this allows the amp to get right down to the very low frequencies that other amps just don't perform well at.

With all the high priced "audiphile" amps out there it is not worth spending thousands of dollars on them when an amp of such high quality is available for so cheap. Kudos to Crown. I don't know how they do it.

I don't really like the barrier strip inputs but they serve their purpose.

Current system:

Lavry DA11 DAC
Panasonic DVDS77 (used as cd transport)
Morrison ELAD preamp
Morrison low frequency crossover
Furman X 312 crossover
Morrison 1.9 2 way speakers
Morrison 12" subs
Parasound Zamp v.3 amplifier
Stax DA80M mono block amps
Crown CTS 600 amp

The system is set up in a horizontal tri amplified configuration and I am off the "audiophile merri-go-round" now as this is the sweetest sounding system that I've worked to put together as a music lover in 30+ years.

[Nov 11, 2005]


Can't beat the sound Quality for the price out of and manufacture in the world. Made in USA. can have corba net,IQ net or London architect.


Inputs have no xlr,trs or rca it has a euro connector or something. Outputs have no binding post and Speokon it has a barrier strip like an old mcintosh

This amp sounds great. One of my favorite amps. Won't get better sound quality in any price range. It has a varible speed fan. My fan won't even turn on, amp to cold. Running london architect on it. shows amp temperture very low. No auto shut off like K1 or K2 with can be modified by factory authorized. Very detailed sound and great sound stage. Will try to put xlr, binding post and speokon on it.It Has IEC Connector for powercord. Will be adding voodoo powercords and acoustic zen wiring for upgrades. Damping factor >5000 from 10-20HZ, >3000 from 10-1000HZ. Chest slamming bass.

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