Creek Audio A42 Amplifiers

Creek Audio A42 Amplifiers 


50 watts (1995-1997)


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[Oct 09, 2009]

I purchased a creek A42 power amp back in 2000 after my creek 4040 amp was getting a bit old.

I have a squeezebox music server connected through a micromega dac connected to a creek OBH12 passive pre amp the creek A42 power amp and a pair of B&W 601 speakers.
I chose most of these equipment because it sounds lovely with quite music like vocal, folk and jazz but it also sounds very good with other types of music. but is probably not the best set up for dance and rock. the amp sound is very detailed but also very smooth it never gets harsh even when played loud. I have compared the amp to a arcam amp I have but I still prefer the sound of the creek. it just sounds more musical to me. the A42 amp is a big improvement over the old 4040 amp.
I also like the simple look of the amp no fancy buttons or lights. just a power button. the amp can also be bridged with a second A42 amp if required.

I would definitely recommend creek equipment.

[Dec 05, 1997]
Robert Summers
an Audio Enthusiast

Creek A42 amp, Creek P42 pre-amp.
Very very clean, strong bass, very detailed.

I listened to this unit (A42/P42 combination) in comparison with an
Audiolab 8000A. Both sounded quite good to my ear, but the Creek had a
clearer, more precise sound which made the pop & rock CDs I played sound
significantly better than on the Audiolab. I very happily bought the Creek

Classical music and female vocals sounded warmer on the Audiolab, which I liked
even though it didn't sound as accurate as the Creek.

I bought these used, but I think these are a great deal even new (595 each,
list retail). I was totally blown away when I brought these home, and
continue to be thrilled by them. Power is rated at 50 watts, delivers way more
than you'd expect, and if you need more the A42 can be bridged to 150 watts
(you can run 2 A42's from the P42 if you buy a ($50 retail) bridging board).

Also the styling is very nice, the units are compact: only 9 inches deep.

Amp runs pretty cool. (literally and figuratively).

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