Conrad-Johnson MV52 Amplifiers

Conrad-Johnson MV52 Amplifiers 


  • Impedance of the voltage amplifier
  • 45 watts per channel RMS
  • Input Sensitivity: 0.80 Volts RMS to rated power


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[Dec 17, 2005]


See above. Super build quality. lOOKS PRETTY NICE WITH GOLD FACE. well worth optimizing to great reward, sensitive unit afterwards. reveAls minute changes and tweeks nicely. truthful piece, does not lie.


Soft bass and highs a bit etched with Russian tubes.

Not sure why there are no posts for this? MAybe interim unit between MV50 and MV55, the latter is popular. My unit was purchased close to mint and midified by Bill Thalmann with 5-way speaker posts and electronics upgrade--every thing recommended , except PC which did not fit. Came with GE JAN 5751, RCA 6GC7/6GQ7 clear-top, side getter and Sovtek EL34G (Cryo). Was pretty nice out of box, driven with Monarchy 18b or Angstrom 200 into Monitor Silver 9i. The CJ got me back into classiv rock after 30 years! But--could not listen to bass heavy mucsic, too mushy. After much experimentation, I settled in on Cal Delta or Icon II > Cal Alpha (first 18, then 24/96)> Axiom Luminous Passive (wonderful bargain) > MV52 (which is super sensitive so passive is fine). The sound became world class. Super sound stage laterally and vertically (no, not to rafters, but like live heights should be). Surprising bass, due to Thalmann upgrades, maybe? After much tube tweeking, here are the findings. Svetlana SED (welded plates, double 45deg halo) EL34 change smoothed the sound nicely and enhanced midrange, highs and bass. Subtle but worthwhile effect. Tungsram 12aX7 instead of Mullard 12AX7 in DAC. HUGE upgrade. Precise, airy highs, real-sounding mids and vocals and great bass. Depth of stage enhanced. GE-5751 3-mica blackplates NOS 1950s in CJ. HUGE UGRADE over JAN GE-5751. Raytheon 6GC7/6GQ7. Produced more holographic mids, attenuated highs somewhat. Most noticed was depth of stage enhanced further. VERY SMOOTH, WARM, EXTENDED F.R. Still A-B ing one week at a time versus RCAs. I found that the Cal Alpha 18 bit versus 24 bit, the latter enhanced tranparency noticably--but--the difference pales in comparision to tube rolling. You would be better off, I think, with Cal Alpha 1 and NOS tubes (Mullard CV4004 or Tungsram 12AX7, or Raytheon 3-mica blackplate) and an original Cal Alpha than high bit Alpha and Russian tubes. In the end, the MV52 now sounds transparent, extended, stages like a true champ and induces no fatigue. Eyes closed--the stage is clear and the emotion is well transmitted.

Similar Products Used:

Sansui 1000A, Sherwood 5000II, Monarchy SM70-Pro (nice piece, for SS). The Bel Canto eVo 200.2 came close to CJ--which is a feat--but did not have the same emotion conveyed. If you want close to tubes in SS, go with eVo or Aragon 8008.

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