Cabasse AM 1000 Série C Amplifiers

Cabasse AM 1000 Série C Amplifiers 


Monaural amplifier with low and high frequencies parametric equalizer
Input impedance: 68 kohms (balanced or unbalanced)
Load impedance: 8 or 4 ohms
Continuous output power: 100 W/8 ohms
Instantaneous peak power: 1,000W/8 ohms
S/N: > 100 dB
Damping factor: > 120
-3 dB bandwith: 10 Hz to 85 kHz
THD at 1 kHz/100 W: less than 0.03%
THD 20 Hz to 10 kHz: < 0.1%
IMD: < 0.1%
Sensitivity: 0.615 V to 6.15 V
LF adjustment: +/- 12 dB from 40 Hz to 500 Hz
HF adjustement: +/- 12 db from 4 kHz to 17 kHz


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[May 25, 2008]
Audio Enthusiast


Available power (as verified by lab reports from a well-known french magazine, this amps deliver what it is claimed and even more!). Ease of use. Very precise and usefull parametric equalizer for fine tuning. Versatility. Overall sound qualities.


Slight hiss heard close from the drivers. Reported reliability issues with some production batchs, so should be be chosen with care. Price, as it is so simply built that it could have been sold for less.

A bought a pair of this amplifier for the sole reason that it was originally designed to drive the speakers I have, a pair of Cabasse Iroise SCS, from the SCS range, which distinguished themselves by their highly reactive nature in the midrange frequencies.

The AM 1000 do have few originalities. First, it incorporates an analog active semi-parametric high and low frequencies equalizer that allows the user to fine tune the overal balance of his hifi system in real acoustical situation. Second, it have a cleverly done active protection system, wich limits the amount of power deliver to the load in function of frequency, in order to protect the drivers from being destructed by excessive listining levels or distorsion, especially tweeters. Third, it was designed to amplifies highly variable signals, so the high peak power output.

In fact, this product is simply but well built. It can be fixed vertically right across the speaker inputs, if needed. The specially designed, thick gold plated speaker terminals is of the highest quality I ever seen and can acomodate banana plugs as well as bare cables of heavy gauges. Neutrick XLR input only, but the line level cable can be wired balanced or unbalanced. The input sensitivity is continuously adjustable across a wide range, so that this amplifier can be paired with almost all preamplifiers avalaible and the left/right balance be precisely adjusted. Runs very cool.

I use two of them with an Yamaha CX-1 preamp in place of an allready excellent Denon PMA-S10II integrated. Without equalization, the sound caracters between the Denon and the Yamaha/Cabasse combo is barely noticable, except the greater width and focus of the soundstage, and the somewhat relaxed sound of the laters.

To say that the paremtric equalizer is usefull would be the greatest of the understatement. In fact, properly adjusted by the way of measurements backed by ears, this feature allows me to tune the balance of the frequency spectrum so well that the overal sound quality improve in a spectacular manner.

With the equalizer in use, whatever the programm, the transparency, timber, soudstage, ease of listening is greatly enhanced. Old mono TV programs on DVD does sound like old mono TV program pinpoint center of the soundstage, as if they come out of the TV monitor. Spectacular DVD soundtracks of nowadays are a joy to listen to, whereas older soudtracks noticeably distinguishe themselves by their equalization curve. Uncompressed music material, such as drums and percussions, can be listen to tremandous power level, with no ear fatigue. On classical music, it is very easy to follow the differents parts of an orchestra, as well as is the numerous note of a well-recorded piano.

Could it be some sort of a perfect amplifier ? I wouldn't be far from thinking that if a slight hiss couldn't be heard trom both the tweeters and the boomers when ears get closed of them. Nevertheless, this noise is barely audible from a listining place. According to a French service shop, the earliest version of this amp also have some reliability issues, due to their brown-colored bakelite circuit board. The later version, with green-colored glass epoxy board shouldn't have those problems.

All in all, a terrific amplifier, at least for Cabasse SCS speakers.

Similar Products Used:

None, but integrated amplifiers Rega Elex, Rega Elicit, and Denon PMA-S10II.

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