Bryston 7B THX Amplifier Amplifiers

7B THX Amplifier

500 watts

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Hammer   Audio Enthusiast [Feb 16, 2000]

Firm control of every type of music.


None so far.

After searching for two years I finally was able to take the plunge. I looked at Proceed,Aragon,Conrad Johnson,Arcam,McIntosh and finally Bryston. It was'nt easy. Lot's of demo's. Only a few were head to head. I had picked the Bryston 9BST. It sounded as good if not better than the competition. It seemed effortless in it's display of it's audio talents. Then on a whim I visited a local shop that carried Bryston and Aragon. He had a set of the Aragon PallidumII mono blocks running when I walked in. They were awesome. The sound entranced me. After a half hour of listening I decided they were for me. I got up out of my seat and saw them. Bryston 7BST mono blocks. What the hell I'm here, so I asked for a listen. The dealer had to set them up, but a half hour later they were ready to go. Now this was what I had always dreamed of. These puppies had power. Headroom galore. Everything else I could remember hearing was now dull and lifeless. We started with classical. Then jazz,rock and pop. I was sold! Luckily so was my Beautiful and understanding Wife.We decided on the THX version because HT would be in the mix. My wife decided on the silver face plates since they would be in her living room. I worried about Break in during the set up. I had read all kinds of horror stories about systems taking weeks sometimes months to break in and sound right. When the time came to turn them on,WOW! No disappointment. The wonderful sound I expected was there. If break in makes it better, than I can't wait! All audio,weather music or movie sound track,sound so real it's like being there. I could'nt be happier. They are a great match with my Klipsch speakers and Proceed AVP. Try them and hear what you've been missing.

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