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135W x 6

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ERM   Audio Enthusiast [Apr 27, 2003]

Musical, lots of detail and nuances. Emotinoal involvement especially in the vocal presentation with great presence. High build quality. Attractive face.


Power switch on back only. Slightly taller than most amps.

For the last couple of years, I have been looking for a single amp that would be musically satisfying in a combined audio/video system. I have owned the Moon W5, W3, Bryston 9BST and the EAD PM1000. Although all of these amps have their own major strengths, especially the Moon, they were all missing the emotion and timber that the BC32 brings out. I did not do an A/B comparison with the BC22, but I believe Gilbert Yeung's claim that the BC32 is based on the BC22. The review comments of the BC22 mostly apply to the BC32. A great way to bi-amp. My unit is a 6 channel version. I had the factory change 2 channels to a balanced input and a remote power up triger installed (power switch is on the back only). Gilbert took the time to write a hand note explaining what he had done. The BC32 drives an all Mirage system (OM7 front and 2 sets of OMR2 for rear and sides), through the Anthem AVM20.2. I have never experienced any compression or lack of power. There is plenty of impact on movies such as Brothers in Arms, Saving Private Ryan, Bond, The X-Men etc. What the BC32 brings out that was missing before, a stronger emotional involvement with the background musical score while bring out details such as footsteps in quiet scenes and wind cutting through grass. The details are not thrown at you, rather they are suttle and bring you into the action that's going on the screen. Music based DVD videos, especially DTS, such as Diana Krall and Standing in the Shadows of Motown give you the best sonic seat in the house. On music, a slight richness and warmth let's you get closer to the music. The timber and textures of the music come through better. The midrange and treble is smooth and detailed. Bass is articulate and tight with good pitch definition(you can hear the skins depending on the recording). Soundstage is open and balanced. Over the last 9 months, the BC32 has never failed. I'm enjoying and listening to my system a lot more. I will experiment further by auditioning the BC21.1 and ribbon speakers, but the amp is staying. I find it hard to believe that nobody else out there has auditioned this wonderful amplifier. Don't let the low price fool you, this is a great amp at a very attractive price. Go listen!!

Similar Products Used: Sim Audio, Bryston and EAD The 5 star rating is justified in that the BC32 replaced much more expensive gear.
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