B&K Components ST125.1 Amplifiers

B&K Components ST125.1 Amplifiers 


  • Frequency Response 5 Hz - 45kHz
  • Power Rating 8 ohms 125W
  • Power Rating 4 ohms 185W
  • Dampening Factor (50Hz) 400
  • Input Sensitivity
  • Unbalanced (RCA) 1.4V
  • Balanced (XLR) 2.8V


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[Nov 13, 2007]


Very superior sound with no listener fatigue, runs cool, high quality construction.


Speaker binding posts not compatible with all types of speaker connectors, noticeable turn-off transient, and it is single channel, doggone it.

The price paid for this item was $20, which also included a Canton model C subwoofer and a Teac EQ-22A equalizer! I have hopes of adding an additional amplifier module to make it stereo, but don't know if this will be possible because I doubt that B&K will cooperate with such a project. I believe the unit was used to drive a subwoofer (not the one I got with it) which was a waste of a fine amplifier. I tried it as one channel in a stereo system using a Leach amplifier as the other channel, driving ESS AMT10B speakers. This is the best Mosfet amplifier I have ever heard, easily surpassing my Hafler DH200 (Also Mosfet). It produces wide range clean sound over the entire frequency range with no solid state edge, yet reveals the finest detail. I can find no fault with this amplifier other than a minor turn-off transient about 10 seconds after it is turned off, and the speaker binding posts will not accept the spade lugs on my monster cables. I had to improvise a lash-up substitute cable to connect it to a speaker. The build quality is excellent. I will be very disappointed if I cannot add a second identical channel to this mono amplifier.

Customer Service

Don't know yet. It obviously has never had to be repaired, according to my inspection. If I can get B&K to economically help me with converting it to stereo, I will have a very high opinion of their customer service. (I am an electronics technician).

Similar Products Used:

Hafler DH-200, Leach amplifier, Ampzilla.

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