B&K Components AV6125 Amplifiers

B&K Components AV6125 Amplifiers 


6 channels. 125 watts x 6 nto 8 ohms.


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[Dec 19, 2003]
Audio Enthusiast


I found the voltage trigger is extremely useful. I don't have to manually turn on/off the AV6125


Nope for the money it cot.

After upgraded my Denon AVR4802 Receiver by adding a B&K AV5000 separate Amp. I notice the sound quality improved significantly, especially in resolving sound effects. I am pleased with this amp already. However, it only has 5 channel with 105 watts at 8 ohm. That's not good enough, I should have bought a 7 channel amp instead. After searching and searching, reading reviews and comparations. I found that the 7 channel amps are ways more expensive. I've audition many amps, brands, ranging from 5 to 7 channels from Rotel, Athem, Sunfire, and B&K of course. Because there is BIG difference in pricing for the amp, I found that the B&K AV6125 has the most value and performance. After I got it, I am so glad that it even performs better than the AV5000. The AV6125 has 125 watts at 8 ohm, better power supply that runs cooler, and more dynamics and slamming effect. Without the B&K amp, my Denon AVR4802 receiver can't deliver the clarity in music and the lifelike ambient from movies. When watching the movie "2 fast 2 furious", I can feel the sound of the real car running from right to left right in my room. I love the omphs that came from the muffler of the racing cars. There are many more to say about this amp for the money I paid. But I can't tell them all. I'll let you judge it when you have a chance.

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