B&K Components AV125.5 Amplifiers

B&K Components AV125.5 Amplifiers 


  • High Current Capabilityl
  • Toroidal Transformers
  • Class A Pre-Driver
  • Class AB MOSFET Output Stage
  • Discrete Circuitry


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[Dec 05, 2005]
Audio Enthusiast


Elegant look. Weighty, solid feel. Power reserves. Classy dust protectors on five way binding posts.


Overheating. Again, however, this may only be a fluke with my unit. Definitely power one up at the dealer for a significant length of time (45-60 minutes) to determine if the unit you are considering runs cool or not.

B & K power amps from the 2003-2004 era are incredibly gorgeous asthetically. The face plate is a 3/8" thick piece of highly polished aluminum with an elegant raised letter logo finished in gold. The power light is a soft blue which is easy on the eyes, unlike the overly bright and harsh L.E.D. I have noted on certain pieces of other manufacturers. Interestingly, when the amp is turned off the power light takes approx. 60 to 90 seconds to fully disengage. It gradually fades, no doubt signifying that the AV 125.5 is a high current component with a sophisticated design that requires ample time to safely and correctly power down. The binding posts are encased in a clear plastic shroud to protect the speaker wire connections from dust. A very nice touch. Moreover, the unit is solid;weighing some 42 lbs. When one grasps and lifts up this piece one can tell that they have left the mid-fi realm. The AV125.5 is a very rich, warm sounding amplifier. I am happy with the unit's power capabilities. However, there is an issue that seriously bothers me about this piece. My equipment is housed in a solid wood cabinet with glass doors on the front and an open back. Unlike my B&K Reference 200.2 which has only 2" of clearance and runs relatively cool, my AV125.5 runs extremely hot with a full 3" clearance between it and the shelf above. Leaving the glass doors of the cabinet open does not seem to make any difference. This concerns me as I do not even use all the channels. My 125.5 powers my Paradigm center speaker and dipole surrounds only, while my 200.2 powers my mains. I have not encountered any problems with the amp thus far, nonetheless, I cannot help worrying that over time, this apparent overheating will degrade the amplifier's performance, or worse yet, shut it down entirely. Anyways, this entry is to try and help others make an informed, often painstaking, but, always exciting, final decision on a lasting piece of quality audio equipment. So here goes. B & K amps are elegant, solidly built components with a rich, smooth, sophisticated quality of sound. I do not hesitate to recommend the purchase of B & K. As far as my perceived overheating problem; perhaps the Reference series entail higher quality internal components, and thus, run cooler than the AV series. If this is the case, you would have to purchase the 200 wpc surround amp, something I felt was unnessasary for my center, surrounds, and eventual surround backs. Perhaps it is just that I acquired an uncommonly-defective unit, and any other AV125.5 would operate in the cool to slightly warm range like my 200.2. It is also possible that all the AV 125.5 amps run hot and that this inherent problem was addressed and corrected in the new S2 series. Perhaps I will contact B & K to inquire about my dilemma. Lately, it has not been an issue as I had two complaints within the first week I moved into a new apartment, and I have not used my system since. A SERIOUS DOWNER, MAN!!! In short, I love my B & K power amps. In fact, I would eventually like to purchase the Reference 50 to replace the Denon 2802 I currently use as my pre/pro. I believe that any audio enthusiast would be extremely happy with B & K.

Similar Products Used:

Rotel RB 1070 130 wpc x 2. A 2000-2001 model year that I was able to demonstrate in my home for a week. Another rich, warm-sounding amp I would recommend! I did not care for the open fin design of the faceplate.

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