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VTM200 Power Amplifier

The VTM200 is an exciting new amplifier design for a number of reasons. First, it packs a strong 200 watts RMS output into a chassis size identical to the VT100MKII stereo. That means it can easily be tucked into a ventilated cabinet or behind a loudspeaker. Internal fan cooling is controlled by a two-speed switch on the rear panel. Output tube biasing is very user friendly, incorporating a simple rotary switch and large three-digit LED display on the back of the chassis. The system works by adjusting bias on just two of six 6550C output tubes, and checking bias level on the remaining four tubes. Input is XLR - only for best performance; output taps are provided for 4, 8 or 16-ohm speaker loads. We've even incorporated a 12V power trigger for custom-installation purposes.

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whatugot   AudioPhile [Jan 07, 2004]

Amps are wonderful. Listen to them if you get a chance. If you want the best of solid state accuracy and the softness of tubes these are truly world class.


THREE H's: Heavy. Huge. Hot. And a Honey for money. A ton of loot to boot. (CHECK OUT

Amp was playing the Vandersteen 5a at audio connection in NJ. The sound was incrediable, rock solid like solid state as far as image and projection. Depth was wide and full. Voice articulation and accuracy was dead on. These are very accurate for tubes with heart and soul of the tube still in mix. Please undsterstand, the Vandersteens 5a have 400watt/chl amp for figuring out what these AR could do on bass is a guess....but my guess is they would rivival the best of solid state based on the fact output of these amps. My friend, who bought the 5a s and loved the sound of the AR s was also listening to Ayre solid state and the Quicksilvers v4.....Long story short he went with the Quicksilvers v4 and will never regret it I am sure. The Vandersteens are magic with tubes ( we didn't need the power of the AR or the price to make the Vandersteens sing....cause they take so much load off the bass part of amp) and the Quicksilvers sounded dreamy (more so than the ARs....maybe not as accurate as the AR s but who cares... WE didnt want to leave) The guys at audio connection were great for the some 7 hours we were there. Follow up once all installed. (CHECK OUT EXOTICAUDIO.ORG MY WEB SITE)

Similar Products Used: Alot of solid state, Quicksilvers v4 were our choice with Vandersteen 5a s
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