Atma-sphere MP 1 Mark II Amplifier Amplifiers

Atma-sphere MP 1 Mark II Amplifier Amplifiers 


- Balanced differential design.
- XLR connectors for phono and aux.
- XLR output connections.
- Direct-coupled patented output.
- Zero feedback design throughout.
- Dual-mono construction.
- Balanced passive phono equalization.
- Balanced precision stepped volume control.
- Two tape monitors (tape functions use rca's).
- Precision components used throughout.
- Total system phase switch.
- """"Star"""" grounding used throughout.
- Outboard power supply -tube regulated.
- Two-tone antique finish.


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[Apr 25, 2019]


Prior to Atma-Sphere gear I was using Quad & Yoshino tube amps with Quad ESL 2912. When I've purchased the brilliant V12, I could’t imagine that any amplifier may sound much better as V12 was actualy built for ESL speakers. I was very happy with my setup. However, I was curious to look into other stuff and was reading about OTL amplifiers. I've never had the opportunity to own one of them, as they are like extraterrestrials. We all know that they exist, but no one actualy have one of them in the room. So when some guy decided to sell his M-60, I've jumped to the opportunity and made a blind purchase. From the very 1st note played on M-60, it was clear to me that V12 will go on ebay. The gap was huge! M-60 was much better in every possible way and particularly in transparency and definition. From that moment I was looking for MP-1 to match it with M-60. Few months later I’ve found an early version of MP-1 on ebay. Right now I’m using it with some low budget Sony DVD player, while I’m waiting for EAR DAC5 to be available. MP-1 is truly exceptional preamplifier! It makes my low budget DVD player (costing 50€) to sound like 5000€ worth CD player. YES, it is that good! More importantly, my Quad ESL2912 speakers are going much deeper and their middle range is now identical to the one from Quad ESL 57. No other amp/preamp I owned was able to recreate the magic of 57’s middle range on modern quad speakers. Recently I’ve had the opportunity to listen my system with some better sources thanks to a friend who wanted to test his DAC on my system. All I have to say is that YOU DO NEED this preamplifier. Not only because this is the best possible match to M-60, but also because MP-1 is absolutely fantastic preamp and very likely the best you’ll ever hear. And please notice, I have an early version. Later versions of MP-1 may be even better. This is simply the state of the art in audiophile industry. I live in Paris, and I’ve been on many audiophile shows. So I’ve had the opportunity to listen systems costing from 2000€ to 100.000€ and more. To me, Atma Sphere + Quad ESL is the pinnacle of audiophile experience. With other gear, you may have a different sound, but not necessarly any better. My next step will be to hook EAR’s DAC5 to my system, and to upgrade some cables. But my research for a ”better amplification” is over. I can live with my Atma Sphere setup for the rest of my life. Thank you Ralph!


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