Antique Sound Lab Hurricane 200DT Monoblock Tube - Pair Amplifiers

Antique Sound Lab Hurricane 200DT Monoblock Tube - Pair Amplifiers 


Hurricane 200DT Monoblock Tube Amplifiers - Pair

  • Award-winning vacuum tube monoblock power amplifier
  • High-powered single-ended triode design
  • Parallel feed design with 200 watts of power
  • New extruded aluminum chassis and all improved parts
  • Powerful single ended amplifier design
  • Excellent frequency extension
  • Bias adjustment with calibrated built-in meter
  • Tube complement: KT88 x 8; 6SN7 x 3
  • Detachable power cord
  • Input terminals: gold-plated RCAs
  • Output terminals: Five-way gold-plates heavy-duty binding posts for 4, 8, and 16 ohm speakers
  • Fuse: 10A Slow blow
  • Chassis finish: polished steel


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    [Oct 03, 2005]


    WIDE sound field , clarity reviewers tool , 1 complete sound from top to bottom seamless images tremendous depth


    none discovered

    This a review of my ANTIGUE Sound Labs hurricane mono blocks with the balanced mod. 200 watts of tube magic, I was the proud owner of the KRELL600C, needed to drive my double stacked Dayton Wrights a difficult speaker to drive, so bad that the McIntosh 352 strapped for mono, couldn’t and didn’t handle the load, these amps had no real power trying to drive such a difficult load, they were coughing up blood all the time. The sound was very week and even dull with no life from these big massive amps. I dumped them and moved to the wonderful and powerful Krell600c .This amplifier could easily drive my DW but with a tube like midranges and highs that took advantages of the DECCA ribbon tweeters, but in time I became fatigued of the lack of mid bass sound from my DW out with the DW in with a smaller Acoustat 2mh hybrid electrostatic design now the Krell was to powerful must find a new less powerful amp. Read the glowing review by Harry Pearson of Absolute Sound of the ANTIGUE Sound labs hurricane, wanted to try tubes sold the krell got the mono block tubes wow no more hardness in the midranges, no more confusion just pure organic music with a wider soundstages deeper clearer bass and highs more extended. The difference is the tubes resolve music better then my Krell ever could and the sound is just more close to live. I have tired of the smaller sound from the hybrid Acoustat, and find a bigger almost 8’ tall 2+2 in mint condition, I have also upgraded the input tubes for the mono blocks to Sylvania 6sn7 wow even better clarity, The Acoustats have bass and midranges plus highs all cut from the same cloth seamless top to bottom sound the best speakers to show of the beautiful rich organic live sound coming from the hurricanes .I know some of us tire of or disagree with most reviews, but HP review of these amps is right on the Money, find it and read it its worth it to understand how good these amps are , there is no chances I’m going too try and explain better then he can , the amplifiers have power to drive my acoustat to as loud level as the Krell but the images and stages just gets clearer and larger, As for the bass with my speakers when a great drummer and bases is playing together each instrument is easily herd in its own spaces and with its unique voicing. The facts are that the rest of my system Bat51se pre-amp Shandling t200SACD player Cardas interconnect, and harmonic technology speaker cable, contribute to this totally organic sound, in fact to reach the level HP is talking about with these amps everything up front must also be first class, To reach that live organic sound you must have synergy with everything in your system, even 1 wrong component can rob you of the magic.

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