Anthem PVA 5 Amplifiers

Anthem PVA 5 Amplifiers 


  • 3.5-mm Mono Jack
  • 5 Pairs Speaker Binding Posts
  • 1125 VA maximum power output


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[Jun 03, 2016]
Audio Enthusiast

This is my first review ever, a first review of this amplifier here, and this amplifier was the first not so cheap, not so low-fi, not all in one mini-system piece of separate audio equipment that I have bought. A bunch of firsts!

I have to be clear and say that I don't have experience with a similar component of other brands. I wanted something to serve me for multichannel music.

Be aware that the RCA input's front/rear left and right are quite apart from each other wich is annoying if you have "Y" cables (like some of the audioquests) and want to connect (wich I think is normal, wanting to have better interconnects serving the front channels) different cables to front and rear speakers. Just occurred to me recently that you can just ignore the branding of the inputs and use one of the front/rear pair for the two fronts (DUH!) if you have that bit of margin to extend one of the speaker cables.
After sometime having it, and experimenting with some changes (cables, isolation, etc...) in the rest of the system and the amplifier itself, what I feel is that this amplifier sounds very neutral, clean and lively, but also tending towards the lean side. I like to say "tending" because of course it also depends on the other components.

Always listened to the changes in the rest of the equipment with a fair dose of transparency, managing to get a deep and silent background. Always felt that the limitations/negative points I had in the sound were from the rest of the system. I say this because I could never discern any relevant alteration in changing the power cable or base ( maybe, just a very slight increase in purity when I experimented some marble stone between the ceramic slabs of the floor and the amp...? ).
I was kept thinking that maybe the power amplifiers are not so important as the first components, and I have yet to understand all the reviews you can find online about the sound of this and that power amplifier (remember, this is the only one I have until know...) but then, until now I'm kept wanting a little more width in the soundstage besides always feeling a certain thinness and needing more substance and fleshed out instruments and voices.
Well, I'm glad to say that recently I could make changes to much better by messing with just the amplifier. My speakers (mordaunt-short performance) have a sensitivity of 89db and in "what hifi" they recomend a good dose of power to feed them! I wondered how they could sound when with more power at their disposal, so I tried connecting the 2 main fronts using 4 channels of the pva5 amplification, and the results were cleary for the better! The sound gets out much more easily overall...relaxed! Much less strain in the treble/mids area!
Another big improvement: A van den hull the maisstream connecting it since yesterday!! boy, now I feel some muscle!! Tridimensionality also got better. Albeit with even more forwardness...and finally I listened that power amplifier can affect the sound!

So, I think my experience shows that this amplifier can be very non-intrusive, but on the other hand it has the tendency for a somewhat thin and forward sound that needs same juice and relaxation. Maybe with bigger sensitivity speakers it behaves differently, but I would recomend using 2 amplification channels for one speaker if the speaker specifications are similar to mine.

Off'll need more I do...

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