AH! Tjoeb 66 (Tjamp) Amplifiers

AH! Tjoeb 66 (Tjamp) Amplifiers 


hybrid amp modified from OEM PM66SE/PM6010OSE. 220-240V


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[Mar 31, 2004]
Audio Enthusiast


Transparent, detailed soundstage, very natural sound. The music has ‘air’ and comes alive. A warm and deep sound.


No specific weaknesses.

I’ve been listening to my Tjoeb 66 (Tjamp) for quite some time and I found it was time to write a review. Why? Because it is another fine product in the range of AH! Products. I first bought the Njoe Tjoeb 4000 CD Player. This was a remarkable improvement of my hifi system. In the year after I upgraded the cd-player with the up-sampler. This was another large step forward. (Read the reviews on the Njoe Tjoeb 4000). When the Tjoeb 66 became available I decided not to hesitate and to make the switch to this tube amplifier. After some time I became addicted to the sound of this integrated amplifier. It gives such a transparent and natural sound. It has a detailed soundstage. There seems to be air in the music and it really comes alive in your room. The amplifier has no difficulty in boosting my speakers (Elipson 1303), which I can assure you are not the most easy speakers for an amplifier. After some listing time I upgrade my e88cc tubes to Siemens e288cc (just as in my Njoe Tjoeb 4000). Wow!, This really finished things of, the detail of the up-sampler and a clear, natural warm sound from the Siemens tubes. Before I reached this final sound some time went into placing the system. Tubes are sensitive for vibrations. With the ‘Tjoeb Rings’ and ‘Tjoeb Shoes’ you will reduce this to a minimum. The Tjoeb 66 gives you a perfect listening experience, whether it’s classical, pop, rock, live, house….it al comes alive in your room. It seems that you are ‘in’ the music. It is reproduction the way it should be, like you are there when the music is made. My advice of this all is: if you like the sound of tubes and want a system within an affordable price range give the equipment of AH! definitely a shot. You certainly wont be disappointed.

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