TAG McLaren Audio AV192R A/V Receivers

TAG McLaren Audio AV192R A/V Receivers 


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[May 17, 2009]

A couple years ago I decided that I needed to have a remote to operate the pre-amp In my audiophile system that doubled as the speakers for my TV. In hunting around for audiophile quality I bumped up against price until I saw my first Tag McLaren, an AV32R, very inexpensively priced on A'Gon. I snapped it up and this has started an upgrade that has seen a new room been finished in the basement and the purchase of an AV192R to drive my attempt at an Audiophile home theater that also is a no compromise 2 channel system.

The AV192R is simply the best Pre/Pro I have ever heard. I have had earlier Tag's in the system as well as a variety of other manufactures from Meridian to Anthem and while newer gear have more video bells and whistles than the AV192R, when it comes to recreating the sound this piece has no equal. I have never heard the level of detail that this processor can extract from a CD. Music that I have listened to for years I have had to relisten to anew as clarity and detail is remarkable.

But what truly makes this gear special is an equalization program that it has. TM-REQ is an 8 point per channel digital equalization system that will allow for all room colouration to be eliminated from the system. I cannot begin to adequately describe how important this has been to improving the sound quality. Dynamic, fast, articulate, precise are descriptions of the bass. Room shaking when needed. Exactly right!

Every so often these show up on the various auction sites. I paid about $1,000US for it. Originally would have been about $15,000-$20,000 depending on dealer. Yes TM is no more but there are still parts and service available. Is this the best value in a pre/pro? No doubt! If you have a chance garb on and you will be amazed.

Gear used with: Amplification - Threshold Stasis 2 x S/500, S/300, SA/2
Speakers - Infinity RS Kappa, Front Kappa 9, Rear Kappa 6, Centre Kappa 6
Audio Source - Itunes lossless audio via Airtunes digital
Video Source - Sony DVD player

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