Pioneer VSX D909S Dolby Digital DTS Receiver A/V Receivers

Pioneer VSX D909S Dolby Digital DTS Receiver A/V Receivers 


- Dolby Digital and DTS decoding.
- 24-bit digital sound processing.
- 5 channel stereo.
- Multi-channel tone controls.
- 5.1 acoustical environment digital sound processing.
- 5.1 advanced theater.
- Midnight mode.
- 24-bit analog-to-digital converters.
- Direct current construction.
- Double density amplifier PCB.
- 5.1 channel input.
- Dot matrix display.
- Video signal select.
- Banana speaker terminals for all channels.
- 2 rear panel AC accessory outlets.


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[Nov 20, 2001]
Dale Winchester
Audio Enthusiast

Visit! This Pioneer Receiver is a nice add on to any home entertainment system. It has a AC-3 Dolby Digital/DTS decoder already built in enabling the receiver to decode five discreet audio channels as well as a subwoofer channel for true home theater sound. This unit also has a Direct Energy Mosfet amplifier for wide bandwidth reproduction. Other features include digital sound processing (DSP) and 100 watts of power per channel. The receiver also has a full range of inputs and outputs, including optical digital and S-Video inputs, and convenient front inputs providing easy access.

[Jan 21, 2002]
Robin Z


Power, 5.1 and 7.1, Component Inputs, THD, OSD, Remote


None so far.

I got this online. I had a good experience with Pioneer Direct. The website was no help, but when I called customer service they were great. I ordered it on a Monday, it shipped the same day, and received it on that Friday in brand new condition. This is a refurbished unit but it comes with a 90 day warrenty so I thought why not!

My setup: VSX-D909s rec., Pioneer Elite PD-F107 cd, Pioneer DV-434 dvd, NHT Super Zeros x 3 across the front, NHT HDP-1 Dipole sides, and Jamo SW500 83 liter enclosed passive sub. I have yet to get a 2nd amp and set of speakers to use the 7.1 feature, so I connot comment on its use.

My old receiver has 125w x 2 at .05 THD 20-20000Hz and 65w x 3 front, 20w x 2 rear(pro logic only). As a result the stereo comparison is flat. I can tell no difference between the two. However in surround mode it is like night and day. I was hesitant to buy into Pioneer's mainstream line being an Elite owner, but WOW what a difference. This receiver is head and shoulders above the 52. The 100w x5 an DD/DTS coupled with the MOSFET amp and a low THD do the trick. The bass is still a little slow and loose but that has to be expected with the passive sub. It is a pig for wattage and should be amped by itself.(I am thinking about an NHT SA-3).

Setup took about 4 hours including removal of the old one and complete installation of the new one, on screen stuff and programming and teaching the remote. I enjoyed every minute of it. The instructions were complete and left me with no questions.

Soundstage and transparency are all there. If I close my eyed I can clearly hear where Billy Joel's piano is located compared to the drums and sax, and I can feel that little robot fly around my head while he is fixing the THX logo in the beginning of Toy Story.

As with all Pioneer receivers of this type(as stated on this site) the volume control is not linear like the older models. The range is from -80 to +12 dB. I have to push it to -50 dB just to hear anything. -45 to -35 for music (cd with D. Coax cable) and -35 to -25 for DD/DTS. Push this puppy to -10 and the whole room will shake and the lid on the toilet will rattle. (there is no toilet in my listening room but you get the idea :) The power is there it is just not at 1/3 or 1/2 way like the older models.
I researched this purchase extensively. Using this site and magazine reviews. I was almost sold on the VSX-D810S or 850, but the THD and Hybrid Amplifier Technology (whatever that is, if anyone knows tell me) kept me from getting it.

The 909 fits my needs to a T. At $500 including delivery I have no complaints. Especially when you take into account that I paid $800 for my old Elite 10+ years ago. When you consider the features; OSD, learning and preprogrammed backlit remote, 7.1 w/ pass through, component and s-video switching, 5/7 ch stereo and theater modes, power and THD I do not think that anyone can but a better receiver. You could for a lot more money but not at this price.
These are still available new, but I have not seen one for less than $800. Compared to the $1200+ MSRP this was a steal!

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